Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

© All Rights Reserved
Helen Hood


11. Chapter 11 : Summer

Helen's POV


I stared at the clock that was above the whiteboard.

As was every student in the classroom.

Mr. Woods said he'll let us go as soon as the bell rings.

We had 10 seconds left of school.

I gripped Logan's hand.

We counted down in our head until the whole classroom started counting down.

"7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

The final bell rang and everyone stood up and raced out of the room.

We all cheered and hollered for the beginning of Summer.

Logan and I ran out of the classroom.

"Good bye Mr. Woods!" I called.

He said a simple good bye and we went to look for Venus.

The party were tonight and I was getting excited for it.

We found Venus and we ran towards her.

"We made it through the year!" Venus said.

"Well for me it was a couple of months and for Logan it was about 4 weeks," I laughed.

"Still we did it!" She exclaimed.

"Now, we party!" Logan said.

We erupted into cheers.


"You should wear this dress," Venus said and pointed to the short red dress that I stuffed in the back of my closet.

"Eh," I shrugged.

"C'mon Helen, it's beautiful! And would look killer on you!" She said. "Every guy would have his eyes on you."

"Excuse me, but I wanna draw attention away from me, not towards me. I have Calum, remember?"

"Oh, right. But I still think you should wear it," Venus said.

"I'm sticking with band shirts and ripped jeans," I called from the bathroom.

I pulled on a The 1975 shit and my black ripped skinny jeans with some black Chucks.

"What are you gonna wear?" I asked Venus.

"I don't know," She replied.

"Do you have any dresses?" I asked.

"Just floor length ones," She said.

I thought for a moment.

"You know what?"

She looked up, "What?"

I went to the red dress and handed it to her.

"Oh, no Helen. I can't."

"You can and you will. If you say I could rock this dress, you could rock it too. Take a risk, Venus. We'll never be as young as we are now after all."

She smiled and took the dress, thank you."

"No problem."

I hugged her.

"Do you have shoes to go with it?" I asked.

"Yea, I do!" She replied.


"Well, I should get home and get ready," She said.

"Okay," I led her to the door.

"Thanks again Helen, for everything," She hugged me again.

"Call me if you want to join Logan and I at the party," I said.

"Yea!" She went down the path and to her car.

I closed the door and went back up my room.

Mom went on a business trip to Brisbane so I was alone once again.

I'm getting used to it, which is sad.

My phone rang.

"Heyy yo," I answered.

"Hey beautiful," Calum said.

"Hi Cal!"

"How was your day?"

"Awesome! Last day of school so I'm free!" I exclaimed.

"You made it through the four months!"

"Yea, I'm happy."

"How are you gonna celebrate?" he asked.

"I'm going to a party with Logan," I replied.

"What party?" 

"Adisia and Cade's"

"Haven't you and Logan been hanging out a little too much?"

"Are you getting jealous Mr. Hood?" I asked and smiled to myself.

"No," He replied, "I'm just saying."

"Don't worry about me, okay Cal. I love you, remember that."

"I know."

"So don't be jealous baby."

"I know. You're mine."

"That's the Calum I know."

The doorbell rang.

"Okay babe, I gotta go," I said.

"Be careful and have fun. Please don't do something you'll regret."

"I won't Cal. Have a great show and I love you."

"I will. I love you too."

I hung up and ran down the stairs.

I opened the door and Logan stood there. Looking casual.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yea, let me just brush my teeth real quick," I said.

"Okay, I'll be down here."

I rushed back up the stairs and into my room.

After brushing my teeth, I combed my hair and went back down.

"Let's go!" I exclaimed once I reached the bottom.

We agreed to go walking.

I closed the door behind me and locked it before stuffing my keys in my back pocket.

It was dark already and I admired the stars that Calum and I used to gaze at whenever we had the chance.

I wish he was beside me.

"What are you thinking of?" Logan asked breaking the silence.

"Calum," I replied truthfully.

"When will he be back?" 

"I dunno. The tour ends around October, just 5 months left."

"Still can't believe you're dating a musician," Logan scoffed.

I snorted. "They're gonna get big and famous. You know what that means?"

"You get to bang a rich musician!" He exclaimed.

"No! It means fame and I don't want it to change him or get to his head," I said.

"Is that what you're afraid of?" He asked.

"Yea," I replied.

"Don't worry, he won't change," Logan reassured me.

"Hope you're right," I said.

We walked for a couple more minutes until we arrived at the house party.

Logan and I went inside and music blared from the huge speakers that were in the backyard.

I saw various girls in bikinis walking around holding bottles of beer or sitting n their boyfriend's lap.

It was a summer themed party, so that meant swim suits, outdoor bar, tequila, margaritas, and like Fall Out Boy once said, the stench of summer sex. 

Logan and I went to the outdoor bar.

"Hey Helen, Logan, what would you guys like?" Jeremy said while wiping down the counter with a white rag.

"Hey Jeremy," I said and smiled. 

"What is something that doesn't have much alcohol and is fruity?" Logan asked.

"Strawberry flavored margarita with a small amount of tequila," Jeremy replied.

"We'll have two of those," I said.

He nodded before turning his back on us and began to prepare the drinks.

Logan and I watched people jump into the pool and resurface.

Cade's pool was huge. It went up to about 8 feet deep and had the underwater lights gave the water an aqua color.

I saw a group of girls in the corner and I realized it was Rebecca's group. They were looking around and whispered to each other, every once in a while. 

Rebecca rolled her eyes when a guy holding a bottle of beer, approached them. 

When the guy realized he didn't have a chance, he stumbled away and stalked the crowd of single girls.

"Here you go," Jeremy said.

Logan and I turned to see two champagne glasses in front of us.

We immediately picked them up and took a drink.

I tasted sweet strawberry and tequila within.

"Damn, this is pretty good," I said.

"Yea. You my friend, have a gift," Logan told Jeremy.

"Thanks," Jeremy replied and chuckled.

Logan turned to me.

"To summer," He said and raised his glass.

"To summer," I repeated and we clinked out cups together before taking another drink.



"THIS PARTY IS FUCKING AWESOME!" Logan shouted as we jumped up and down to the beat of the song.

"HELL YEAH!" I replied and took my second shot of tequila before jumping again.

'I can move mountains, I can work a miracle, work a miracle. Keep you like an oath, may nothing but death, do us part."

Logan and I stared at each other, wide eyed and smiled.


"YES, FALL OUT BOY!" Logan screamed.

We sang along in perfect sync.



After the song ended, Logan and I took another shot of tequila.

"You two are a mess."

We turned around to see Venus standing in front of us.

She wore the red dress I gave her and black pumps. Her hair was curled and her lips where  cherry red.

"Venus what are you doing here? I thought you were at Travis'," I said.

"He never threw a party, he just said that so I could go over," She replied.

"So you left the loser at his house?" Logan asked.

"No! We came here, he'll be here any minute," Venus replied.

"Oh," He said plainly.

"You two better get used to him, because he asked me out and I said yes."

"Really?!" Logan and I asked in unison.

"Yes! He's just the sweetest!" Venus exclaimed.

I turned to grab another shot glass and threw my head back as I guzzled down the liquor.

"Also, Helen  want to say thank you again for the dress," Venus said.

"No problem," I smiled.

"Wait, that dress was yours?" Logan asked.

"Yea, why?" I questioned.

"Well, I mean sure Venus you look gorgeous, but Helen! You could use that dress, snap some pics and send them to Calum and turn him on a bit!" Logan said.

I spit out the drink I had in my mouth and Venus laughed.

Suddenly I saw Travis walking towards us.

He slithered his arm around Venus' waist.

"Hey gorgeous," He said into her ear.

Venus' cheeks burned brighter than her dress.

"Hi baby," She replied and they locked lips.

Logan and I looked at each other and spoke to each other through facial expressions.

Suddenly 'Don't You Worry Child' by Swedish House Mafia blared through the speakers.

Logan and I rushed to the dance floor to avoid awkward small talk with Venus.

We waited for the beat to drop and when it did, we jumped around along with everyone else.




The next two hours were epic!  I was tipsy, but not drunk.

Logan and I took lots of pictures and our SnapChat stories were crazy.

"Alright, time to throw it back just a little bit," The DJ said into the microphone.

The intro to 'Gangam Style' began to play.

Logan looked at me, "Do you know this dance?" He asked.

"Yea, why?" I replied.

"Let's go dance to it!" He exclaimed.

"What? Hell no!" I said.

"C'mon, no one is doing it. We may look like fools but who cares!" He said.

I turned to Jeremy and handed him my phone.

"Post as many videos on my SnapChast story as you can," I said.

He nodded and took my phone.

"Ah, fuck it, let's just go," I told him.

Logan grabbed my hand and pulled me to the empty dance floor.

Everyone stared as we stood there waiting for the beat.

"Oppa Gangam Style."

Logan and I broke out into the familiar dance and the crowd stared cheering.

We probably looked like idiots, but soon, Venus joined us.

She had kicked off her heels and was barefoot on the concrete floor.

Everyone started piling on the floor and we danced along in perfect sync.

When the song ended, Logan and I went back to the bar and Jeremy handed me my phone.

I thanked him and he said that what we did was both epic and hilarious.

Suddenly we saw that a boy was on top of the roof.

They were cheering his name and he stepped off the top and jumped into the pool. He made a big splash and water doused everything and everyone.

"Let's do that!" Logan exclaimed.

"Let's go!" I agreed and handed Venus my phone so she can record it.

Logan and I raced inside and up the stairs. 

When we reached the top we peered over the edge.

The crowd was looking up at us. They started hollering.

Our names echoed up into the night.

"Ready?" I asked Logan.

He nodded and we stepped back to get a running start.

We rushed forward and our feet left the roof as we stood suspended on nothing.

We were free falling, the wind whipped through my hair.

I felt the warm water consume me and I kicked my feet. I saw Logan under water.

We broke through the surface and the cheers erupted. My adrenaline was pumping and I laughed at Logan.

"That was fun!" He exclaimed.

"It was fucking awesome!" I agreed.

"Here's to teenage memories!" He shouted.

I laughed.

And with that, I knew summer has begun.

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