god freaking dammit i need to stop writing. This is a dumb story im planning to continue at some point. feedback pls. I know im a terrible writer, tell me HOW im terrible and how to get better bc i have noooo idea how to write romance ^-^'



1. [LOVE_01]

It's morning.  8:37, to be precise, and she's late for registration.  Finn's there with her as well, having miraculously caught up in the mad dash down the empty streets leading (rather indirectly) to the school gates.  The blue classroom door is flung open and the two students hurry to their seats in a tense silence which is immediately broken by


She answers to her name.

'Miss?  Oh, yeah.  Sorry I'm late.'

Apologies were never her strong point.

'Got caught up in traffic, y'see.  Huge jam on the road outside my house.'

Excuses weren't either.

'Well then, Miss Westfield.  That's the third time this week isn't it?  That means detention, Kimberly.  2 hours detention, tonight, OK?'

Kimberly was looking right at Finn, knowing he would bail her out again.  He sighed deeply.

'Sorry, miss.  It was my fault.  Please don't give her detention.'

He didn't have anything to do that evening, anyway.

'Really?  You can see me after class, then, Mr Sycamore.  I don't expect this to happen again.'

Kimberly grinned and looked back at her phone.  She knew Finn would always help her, no matter how much it inconvenienced him.  Nobody else would help her like that.  Nobody else would even bother talking to her, for that matter.  They found her obnoxious.  She found them idiotic.  Worthless.  Obsolete.  Even Finn, to some extent, was somewhat inferior in her mind, but at least he was useful.

She was useful to him, too.  Or to his mother, at least.  Dr Myra Sycamore had been working for years to enhance the human mind and body using technology, and Kimberly was her first test subject.  The additions to her were quite basic compared to Dr Sycamore's later work but they were impressive nonetheless; a completely artificial heart, mechanical joint enhancements and a few brain alterations to improve memory and logical thinking.  Finn was, naturally, opposed to his mother's ideas of altering someone's brain without their consent.  He thought it made them into someone they're not, that removing key parts of their personalities prevented them from being the person they were born to be.

He hadn't met her before the alterations.


[LOVE_01] --->[END]



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