Bloodsucking Beauties

Maya is back in Sydney after the shocking death of her mother. All she has is an abusive father and a depressed brother. And Michael … her ex boyfriend, who has haunted her dreams for the past five years…


5. New house

I ran up the stairs and opened the door to a massive room. It had a deep velvet curtain hanger and cream paint with a lilac wooden boards towards the bottom of the paint.

The floor was a deep brown coloured mahogany. A mahogany cared desk was on one side if the room and a study board. It would be perfect for my revision!

A flatscreen television hung on the wall and there was a cream sofa bed with purple and white velvet pillows and a purple, black and white zebra rug curled up in the corner.

Along with the basic furniture, like draws and a wardrobe, it was an amazing room. Not to mention the white branching balcony.

I stood in awe, gazing at the lovely light blue sky, with a few swirly clouds and the sun blazing down unto me until me door shot open and my dad bustled in, carrying his suitcase and some paper files.

"Maya, get out! What are you doing? This is my room!"

"Dad, I got here first!"

"Tough hunny, go find somewhere else!" He shouted, before muttering things like "those pillows can go, and I'll paint this white, and that velvet thing can go in the bin!"

I stormed out of the room and flung open the next door, which was the bathroom, with it's shower, sink and toilet.

The next door I opened was Kyle's box room. Literally! It was the size of a small bathroom, with his bed only just fitting in through the sloped down roof and his draws were stuck in the boiler, which was behind a door in his box room.

Posters were on the ground and Kyle was sat in his bed, his headphones on and his blinds drawn down.

He didn't notice that I had came in, so I exited quietly and shut the door.

The next room I went into was horrific! It was the same size as Kyle's, maybe smaller!

I slammed the door and went rushing around the house, desperately trying to look for a new room that was it for all my personal needs.

With no luck, I stormed into the horrific room and slammed the door again. I'm kinda surprised that it wasn't off its hinges yet.

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