Bloodsucking Beauties

Maya is back in Sydney after the shocking death of her mother. All she has is an abusive father and a depressed brother. And Michael … her ex boyfriend, who has haunted her dreams for the past five years…


6. Moving in.

I sat on the tiny window seat as I looked out over the sunny country of Australia. It was so much better from England, or America, or Cyprus, or anywhere else that I've lived.

Unboxing my posters, I smiled as I stared at my Nirvana poster, with the black and yellow, my favourite colours, aswell as purple.

I got some Blu-tack *(A/N *I don't know if they sell this in America, but it's just a sticky thing to stick posters on walls. Ere in England, it's called Blu tack*)* and stuck it too my plain wall above me bed and did a quick smirk at how near it was.

"Maya, come here will you!" My dad screamed, banging on his walls.

I stood up, stretched my legs, grapped a Starbucks coffee mug and burst open the door to his bedroom. The one that I wanted!

"Well, if your little smartass didn't know, this house came fully furnished with stuff like a high tech fridge, instalated shower, those type of things. They managed to buy all this, but they didn't get any food." He commented, bragging and raising his eyebrows. "So, you and your little smartass can take this money and go and get it. Right now!" He screamed, growing his wallet in my way, pushing me out and slamming the door.

I could also hear the slight snigger from him. He loved making me feel worthless!

I picked up the wallet and opened Kyles door. He still had his headphones on, so I came and gently prised it off his head.

"Kyle, do you want anything from the shop?" I asked, with a scarce, gentle voice.

He shook his head, meaning no, so I told him that I would be back soon I saw the tears in his eyes, like he thought I was running away, so I hugged him, gently at first, but added a firm grip, to reassure him that I wouldn't leave.

With my little gesture, I saw him smile for the first time in months.

Yes, a very small, weak smile, but it made tears swell in my eyes and I had an urge of love for my little brother.

I smiled back and shut the door behind me. Scooting downstairs, I got an apple and stuck it in my mouth, as I unlocked the door infront of me and left the building.

Now all I need to do is actually find a shop!

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