Bloodsucking Beauties

Maya is back in Sydney after the shocking death of her mother. All she has is an abusive father and a depressed brother. And Michael … her ex boyfriend, who has haunted her dreams for the past five years…


2. Mikey

I was right. I could feel it in his presence of that small room. We were moving back to Australia.

People might go 'yay' 'cool' 'lucky you' but no, not for me.

It sounds stupid, but it's to do with my ex boyfriend, Michael. He was lovely, treating me with flowers, walking me home, constant dates were he would pay and the buy me that humongous purple teddy bear at the fair-

STOP IT! He was bad news. The evil … UGGH! I can't finish. I can't even talk about him. I can't think about him. What he did to me! I could kill him. But I'm feared too.


"Mikey! Mikey, stop!" I shouted sternly, before reeling up to peels of laughter.

"You enjoy the hight?" He said, in his amazing, thick Australian voice, as he pushed the swing higher.

"No. Stop it!" I said, feeling giddy, like you do when you come off a fairground ride.

He slowed the swing to a halt and his voice grew cold and dark. "I have to go. I'll be back in a min"

I looked over to where he was going, when I saw a group of muscular teenagers, cigarettes between their teeth.

When Mikey got over there, the teens whispered in his ear, as they were giving slight nods to each other, looking in my direction and laughing.

Mikey grinned as he got handed some money. I never knew how much.

"Go on Mick, give us a show!" They jeered. Mick? Micky hated being called Mick.

He came over to me and suddenly floored me. I was winded, and a sharp pain appeared in my chest.

Screaming, I tried to get him off me.

Far away, I could hear laughter. At this moment, Mikey lifted me up and started dragging me by the corner of hood, strangling me.

"Mikey, stop!" I managed to gasp out.

"Stop?" He jeered, "we've barley started!"

That's when he dragged me through nettles and into a big hole into the ground. And that's when I saw it!

A small gleam in his pocket. A bit of rigged metal. He brought it out and put it to my neck.

"Any last words?" He laughed, with a very serious tone in his voice.

He was going to do it. I knew it. I couldn't run. I was winded and running out if air. If I didn't die from the blade, I would be dead from de oxygenation.

He pressed the smooth, cold side to my neck.

"This is it bitch! Go join your dad in hell. In fact, go fuck him! You don't deserve life your suicide bitch! Bye…"

*flashback over*

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