Bloodsucking Beauties

Maya is back in Sydney after the shocking death of her mother. All she has is an abusive father and a depressed brother. And Michael … her ex boyfriend, who has haunted her dreams for the past five years…


4. Car ride in Australia

I didn't speak on the way to our new house. Kyle was on an app, rapidly clicking his fingers with his headphones in. I could very faintly hear the song "Her last words" by Courtney Parker.

"Kyle, Kyle, Oi mate!" my dad softly said. We all knew that Kyle had heard him, but we also knew that he wouldn't reply.

When dad carried on driving, I could see Kyles eyes screw up and tears ready to fall. He put his teeth together and clutched his fists, trying not to cry. I knew it was hard for him, he really missed mum.

'Your brothers depressed. He's going to commit suicide' a voice in my head said. It was my turn to clench my fists.

"Maya! Calm down!" My dad shouted. We had fallen out, and I'm seeing the bad side of him. He had a go at me for the little things and he always snapped at me. It didn't affect me, I couldn't give a shit about my dad, but I knew it was scaring Kyle.

So I faced the window, secretly sticking my red manicured middle finger at him as he faced the front window, changing gears.

A few weeks ago, Kyle would of laughed at this. Oh, that joyous laugh. It was so… girly. So so happy. And now all I've got is a silent depressed brother.

'I told you he was depressed!' That voice said.

I came back to focus and realised that we were on a main road.

Starbucks, top shop, gaming store, Spar, bike repair, beach cafe, sports shop.

The sun was gleaming down on the car roof and I stared at the beach we were passing.

Kyle wasn't on his phone, his lifeless eyes "watching" the inside if the at door.

As we passed down some side streets, we parked up on a driveway to a MASSIVE house.

"Kyle, Maya, were here!" My dad stated.

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