Dark Places

My very first story about a girl and her brother who are trapped in a torturous life and are struggling to stay sane throughout time. Sorry if it sucks! XD


2. The Happy room

Alicia's brother returned sometime in the night, hobbling into their dark space. He came up behind her, hugging her frail body, shivering in pain as if every movement hurt him. She turned over in his arms, trying not to make him wince as she did. He kissed her forehead, apologizing for keeping her up. She whispered to him, "Why did Daddy give us to Mommy?" Damian sighed and put his hand on her cheek. "Sometimes, people stop living, and when that happens, they have to give up their children." Little Alicia's eyes widened. "You can stop living! We could just do that!" she said, thinking she found a solution, but her brother's eyes saddened. "No, Alicia, that is not what I meant. When people stop living, they die. They leave the people they love behind, and sometimes they don't want to die. It wouldn't be fair if we died. We have to just find a way to make life better." he replied calmly. "Oh," Alicia said, "How do we do that?" Damian looked at her, his eyes twitching and wide, "I'll find a way, believe me," he said, ruffling her curly black hair. With that he closed his eyes and began to hum. The familiar tune filled her with fear and also comfort. She sang the song as he hummed:

"What breaks the spirits of those who are bad?

What torments children inside and out?

A place that you shall visit young lad!

Torture is what it's all about!

The Happy Room!

There's no need to try!

To ever escape or you'll end up here!

The Happy Room is for you my dear!

we just want to pry your nails off

and give you a fright!

You may feel that your sanity left!

Well that to us is quite a jest.

The Happy Room!

Just try not to die!

The Happy Room!"

Damian's eye twitched once more at the end of the song, and when he could feel the steady beating of his sister's heart that meant sleep had come for her, he took a cloth and cleaned the blood off his now nail-less fingers.





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