Dark Places

My very first story about a girl and her brother who are trapped in a torturous life and are struggling to stay sane throughout time. Sorry if it sucks! XD


1. Introduction

Alicia was always a quiet and obedient daughter. She never talked back and always did what she was told. It gave her 'good' points. She tried to get as many as possible, so she could get less 'rewards'. She hated rewards. She wondered if that made her weird. Most kids she knew liked rewards, but their rewards were different. She wondered why Brother got called before her today. Usually she was first. She was huddled in her room, thinking about her brother, when she heard a yell. "Alicia! Get your ass in here!" Alicia ran right away, knowing it was her mother's voice. It hurt to walk from yesterday's rewards, but she knew she had to hurry if she didn't want any more. She didn't dare speak. She simply looked at her mother expectantly.

Her mother's cold expression told Alicia she was in trouble. "You stupid girl," her mother said, eyes filled with cruelty, "You couldn't even take out the trash?" Alicia gulped down a sob. "I...I thought it was Brother's turn..." She said, not daring to look her mother in the eyes. "Yes, it was. He already got rewards for that! You should know what I want to be done, you piss-ant!" Her mother said, striking her across the face. Alicia was numb to this. She was surprised because she usually got worse. "You're lucky Damian took the rewards from you this time, or else I would have you whipped for such incompetence!" It was then that Alicia knew what her brother had done for her. He was most likely in the Happy room. She said a silent prayer for him and went back to her small, dark room when she was dismissed.

Tomorrow was her 6th birthday. Brother told her so. He always tried to keep track for her. She sobbed at the thought of Big Brother Damian in the Happy room. She could hear his screams from here. She laid down on the cold floor and tried to sleep, her brother's screams echoing from the Happy room. A tear slipped from her dirty face. "Why do we have to live?" she asked the night. There was no reply, simply screams.

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