The Divine Sorceress

Historical Fiction bestowed upon a woman named Leah who would take the mission of her tribe. Romance will bloom and jealousy will rage between one woman and a prince and a king. Who will she trust on this journey? Who will win her heart as she attempts to save two battling kingdoms?


1. Chapter 1

Through ancient kingdoms and faraway tales, foretold by ancient royalties, a commoner brought upon a mission to save two kingdoms had awoken in the midst of an outraging battle.

Leah Zhang, blood of the Zhang tribe, was born amongst the people of Zhang. The beauty this young woman possessed was overly looked upon by her own friends and family, so much to the point of running away. Leah only wanted the life of a normal girl, but fate wouldn't have it.

"1... 2... 3...," Leah, age of 15, began to count every second in a minute until she reached 60 minutes.

Leah's grandmother, unlike her parents, taught her the ways of meditation and patience. Everyday Leah would visit her grandmother and count every second in 60 minutes before her grandmother taught her any other skill that had been passed down through generations of the family name. Leah's parents wouldn't allow it for their minds weren't strong enough to handle the power of the mission to the Xing and Dong Kingdom.

"As a sorceress, you must have balance between your mental and physical state. Close your mind from greed and hate. Live like a balance board and keep both plates equal. You stand on each side and if one were to ever tilt far enough will you see darkness like no other. I see you have improved greatly from the years of stubbornness. The time is nearing and you should prepare," Leah's grandmother spoke wisely to her. She made sure her words were comprehensive and clear with fear.

Years passed before Leah's grandmother died of old age within her home. Leah had just turned 19 and was the wisest and most importantly, more beautiful than all the girls that denied it. Leah's power surpassed those who were faulty and those who were not taught. She was at the top, but after the passing of her grandmother, her own tribe began to push her feelings to make her feel hopeless. Until she finally packed her belongings and fled the town among the mountains.

This marked the day of her journey. Who will she meet along the way and who will be trustworthy enough to side with The Divine Sorceress?

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