Family Guy: Road to Atlantis

When Meg gets lost out to sea, Stewie and Brian go to rescue her. Meanwhile, Peter and Joe are face disaster after they cheat on Lois and Bonnie...


7. Mission Unhappily Accomplished

Meg gasped and woke up. She felt alive somehow and felt that she was on an un-solid ground of some sort. She couldn't see anything because her eye vision was blurry.
   "Oh, no!" she cried. "I'm in hell! I'm in Hell!"
   "Oh, no, you're not," said a voice she recognized a lot. "You've done a very good thing that will prevent you to going to hell, if it did exist.
   "Brian? Is that you?" Then she could see much better after her old glasses was put back on for her. Then her hat was put back on her head. Then she saw that she was on a beach – on Quahog beach. Then she saw Brian and Stewie next to her. "Brian! Stewie! What happened?"
   "Don't you remember?" Brian asked.
   "I remember water-skiing and then falling in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and drowning and that's all about it really," Meg answered. "How long have I been in the water?"
   "About two hours," Brian lied. "It's a miracle how long you've been underwater and survived."
   "Wow, it is a miracle,” said Meg, hugging Brian and Stewie a lot. “And do you know what else it shows? You say you care about me and you risking your lives for me proves it, doesn't it?"
   "Um, yeah, it does," said Brian, grinding his teeth.
   "Brian, why are you lying to her?" asked Stewie.
   "Because I don't want to hurt her, so shut up before you get hurt!" Brian whispered back.
   "Brian? Stewie?"
   "How did you get here?"
   Everyone turned to see Peter and Lois walking together on the beach, kissing each other. Then they fell on the sand and started having sex!
   Then there was a ship's horn blaring. They saw the Captain Quagmire approaching the beach. They could see Quagmire on the deck.
   "You know, your son Chris makes a crap cabin boy!" he yelled to the Griffins.

Ever since Peter and Joe left, Quagmire asked him to be the cabin boy, but all he would do in the cabin was pee and poop.

"Here, have him back!" Quagmire shouted. Then a catapult was released and Chris was thrown off the ship and he landed on the beach... rocks! His brains fell out.
   "Yay! Now I can get brand new brains, like that Mickey Mouse cartoon," cheered Chris.
   "Well, everyone's here!" smiled Peter. "Come on, let's go home and watch our favourites Quahog News, Caprica, Hawaii-O-5 and what is the name of the cartoon with the yellow skin family in it?"
   But as he, Lois, Chris and Meg walk to the car, Brian and Stewie saw Prince Oscar shooting up from the sea.
   "Is she okay?" he asked.
   "Yes, don't worry, I'll make sure she's okay," Brian smiled.
   "I'll never find another mermaid like her in a million years," Oscar sighed sadly. "Well, five hundred years, really. That's the life expectancy of mer-folk."

   "Look, I'm sorry, but I didn't tell Meg to do this or even given her a hint, either," Brian snapped calmly and gently as he could. "But she did it out of her own free will. And she saved you and Atlantis and the oceans from that Sea Witch, who is now finally dead!"
   "Or should we say Dead Sea Bitch?" chuckled Stewie. He and Brian laughed at it.
   Oscar just stood there silently. "I suppose that's true love for you."
   "And that it hurts," added Brian.
   "Well, goodbye, Brian," Oscar said, shaking paws with Brian.
   "Rule Atlantis well, Your Highness," smiled Brian.
   Then the Prince of the Sea dived back in and Brian and Stewie walked to the car.

On the way back home, Stewie was using Brian's laptop, while the dog was asleep. Then he woke up and saw the baby.
   "What are you doing on my laptop?" asked Brian.
   "After all the adventures we had, I just had to write a story about them," the baby answered. "Who knows? I'm only one, yet I know how to read and write. I could be the youngest author ever. I'll certainly be a better author than you! You and your crap Faster Than the Speed of Love!"
   Brian just hit him on the head which banged him into the laptop screen.
   Meanwhile, Meg was just her usual gloomy self. I am grateful that Brian and Stewie came for me, she thought in her mind, but I still feel useless and pathetic like I haven't done anything special that anyone will remember me by.
   Well, she would be proved wrong if only she could remember Atlantis, her time as a mermaid or Prince Oscar.

Back at Atlantis, Oscar ordered a statue of Meg – her sexy mermaid form, not her hideous human form – in memory and honour of her killing the Sea Witch and saving Atlantis... and for Prince Oscar to have a boner however mermen ever get one!
   Then someone bumped into him. He turned to see a sexy ginger-haired mermaid with a black bikini top and a white tail.
   "Guards!" Oscar called. "Knock this statue down and remake it into this sexy thing over here – the New Queen of Atlantis!"

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