Family Guy: Road to Atlantis

When Meg gets lost out to sea, Stewie and Brian go to rescue her. Meanwhile, Peter and Joe are face disaster after they cheat on Lois and Bonnie...


1. Good Riddance!

Vacation time came for the Griffins at the Pacific Ocean. Carter and Babs Pewterschmidts bought a whole cruise that was marked down for that year for them, but the Griffins still had the crew, the waiters and the toilet cleaners. Peter not only named himself the Captain of the cruise, but named the actual cruise Captain Peter.
   The Griffins were joined by their friends Joe and Bonnie Swanson and Quagmire (who brought an army of hookers with him). Peter asked Cleveland Brown to come, but he was in Norwary with his new wife Donna Tubbs and their children skiing, skating, sledging and sun-bathing in the snow.
   From day one, everyone was enjoying themselves. Peter was enjoying speeding in the speedboat and everyone was enjoying his speeding. "Yee-hah!" he cried. "This is just like in the movie Speed 2."
   "Except it was a cruise that was in trouble, not a speedboat," Brain corrected him.
   "Shut up, Brain!" Peter snapped at him. "Who gives a damn, like a rich person meeting his or her school friends?"


There was once a rich couple happily living in a mansion and making good money. Then one day the doorbell at their house rang and they opened the door to find each of their friends they were at school with.
   "What do you want?" the husband demanded to know. "You think just because I'm rich, I'm gonna give you some of my money?"
   "Piss off, you poor, low-class, no-right-to-speak losers!" the wife shouted, slamming the door in their faces. "Well, with that hard work done out of the way, I'm gonna go online and order lots of dresses," she told her husband walking away.
   "Well, I'm gonna go to my study and drink about fifty bottles of whisky," the husband said, walking the other way.

Peter drove his speedboat very fast through rocky waves and everyone was celebrating. Everyone except Meg who was water-skiing behind the boat. The sea was too rough for her, the hot sun was burning her and, worst of all, because everyone was drinking alcohol and talking to each other, her loneliness was picking up.
   "Dad, could you slow down?" she shouted. "It's a bit rough! Dad! DAD!"
   But still no one heard her at all. She felt like she didn't exist at all in this world.
   Peter took the boat through giant waves. "This is just like The Perfect Storm, with George Clooney!" Then he heard screaming from Meg. "Shut up, Meg!" But the screaming kept on.  Then he looked at a tape and had an idea. "How about a little music, everybody? A song to accompany us on the sea?"
   Everyone said yes. He put the tape in the speedboat’s radio and it played Let's Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins. It didn't seem to please the rest of his friends, but Peter was singing loud and long with it and he enjoyed it. At least, it stopped him listening to his pathetic daughter screaming her head off.

Later, Peter took the boat back to the cruise and everyone got off. Only Brian stayed behind to make sure the boat was properly put away. He went to put the water-ski cable back in the boat and then he realised there was no Meg!
   "Meg! Meg!" he called. He waited five seconds for a reply, only to hear nothing. "Oh, my god!" He grabbed goggles and dived in the sea. He quickly searched the sea, but couldn't find anyone. He climbed back on the cruise and caught his breath back.
   "You looking for someone to rescue so you can be a brave and heroic dog?" asked Stewie, who was just standing there next to him.
   "Well, yeah, in a way," answered Brian. "We lost Meg when we were out on the boat!"
   "Well, good riddance!" Stewie smiled nastily. "Just like those horrible years with Bush as the president."
   "We gotta find her,” said Brian. “I've got to call the police, the sea rescue, everything."
   "No, not everything, Brian," interrupted Stewie. "You need only one thing."
   "And what's that?" Brian got his answer when Stewie took him to the basement of the cruise.
   "Behold!" the baby genius announced as he pulled up the blanket of a large thing underneath it.
   "Wow! I have never seen such a... tight, ugly, cramp and crappy submarine in my life, Stewie!" Brian was looking at rough-shaped, poorly painted, non-shining submarine. He then got a slap in the face by Stewie, who was wearing a captain's uniform.
   "That's Captain Stewie of the Stewarine to you, cabin dog!" snapped Stewie. "Now get on board!" he ordered.
   Brian sighed, opened the hatch of the submarine and got in. Brian was more amazed by the inside than the outside, because it was bigger, it was more colourful, it was less hazardous and so on.
   "Wow, Stewie," smiled Brian. "How did you get inside bigger than the outside?"
   "Why should I give my secrets away, if Doctor Who won't?" the baby captain asked.
   "Oh, okay, well, I'm ready when you're ready to go."
   "Okay, man the helm," ordered Stewie.
   "Aye, sir," whispered the talking dog moodily, as he took the helm.
   Stewie fiddled with the controls and the submarine was released into the water and the search party for Meg began.

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