Family Guy: Road to Atlantis

When Meg gets lost out to sea, Stewie and Brian go to rescue her. Meanwhile, Peter and Joe are face disaster after they cheat on Lois and Bonnie...


3. Betrayal

No one on Captain Peter seemed to notice that Stewie or Brian, let alone Meg, was gone that night.
   Stewards and Quagmire's maids were busy running back and forth carrying beers, food and baby potties for Chris so he wouldn't block the toilets with his own business.
Peter, Joe and Quagmire were busy getting too drunk with beer. Unfortunately, Peter had too much to drink! He managed to get up and the paper bag ready, but instead threw up on Quagmire!
   "Peter, what the hell?" Quagmire shouted angrily. "This is my best shirt!"
   "Well, now it's your best shit!" Peter laughed.
   "Very good one, Peter!" Joe laughed too.
   Quagmire sighed and got up to walk out.
   "Hey, Asian slaves, more beer!" Peter groaned.
   Meanwhile, Lois, wearing a pink bikini, and Bonnie, wearing a purple bikini, were relaxing on the sun decks.
   "Ah, this is the life," sighed Bonnie.
   "Yeah, it sure is nice to have someone else to serve us," agreed Lois. "I haven’t been this relaxed since I went to the salon and had my ass shaved. Even Peter says he’s liked my ass better than it was before. Or was that Brian?"
   "Say, Lois, lying on these deckchairs is getting boring,” said Bonnie. “You do something a little wetter?"
   Soon, the lovely housewives were on floating rings on the big pool. They were looking at the beautiful night stars.
   "Say, Bonnie, I can see Pegasus!" Lois sighed. "You would have thought we were in Greece.
   "I can see Aquarius!"
   "Oh, look, Lynx!"
   "Draco... Malfoy on a broom!" Bonnie was right. There was Draco Malfoy, being followed by Harry Potter.
   "PETER!" Lois screamed, falling into the pool.
   “I can’t see any Peter in the sky, Lois,” said Bonnie.
   “No, Bonnie, look!” Lois grabbed Bonnie’s face and turned it to see something that made her fall off her ring and into the pool. Peter and Joe were having sex with Quagmire's Asian girlfriends!
   "Thank you, love," smiled Peter. "Now it's the next one's turn." The next one would be Lois. "Hi, Lois, come to have sex with me? Has watching these hot girls made you feel jealous?"
   Lois slapped him in the face.
   "Ohh," Peter growled sexily.
   "PETER, WE ARE NOT HAVING SEX!" Lois snapped. "YOU'VE HURT ME! MORE THAN A MUGGER STABS PEOPLE! Don't run the clip!" she snapped to the screen. "It's not even funny!"
   "Ah, you've drunk too much, Bonnie," protested Joe. Then he quickly fell down from his wheelchair and started to snore.
   "Yeah, you'll feel better in the morning," yawned Peter, going to sleep as well.
   That didn't make the wives fell any better. In fact, it made them extra angrier!
   "Well, this is just great!" shouted Lois angrily. "We tell them our problems and they just shoot us off, like we live in the old times when men were all powerful!"
   "Well, I have an idea to teach them a lesson!" Bonnie said and she whispered it to Lois.
   Lois grinned as she frowned. “Let’s do it!”

The next morning, Peter woke up more sober. He looked around and saw that everything was running so smoothly.
   "I must run a really good ship," he muttered to himself. “What do you think, Lois?”
   After hearing no reply, he got up and ran around the ship. "Lois, where are you? Lois?" He went to the Captain's room, but she was not there. Then he ran through the whole ship, but couldn't find Lois.
   Then he met Quagmire. "Hey, Quagmire, have you seen Lois?"
   "Yeah, she and Bonnie took a little boat trip out to sea, but they haven't come back since," he answered.
   "Oh, my god!" he cried. He ran all the way back to Joe. "Joe, wake up, buddy. Our wives have ditched us!"
   "Oh, my god!" Joe cried. "Where were they last seen?"
   "Quagmire last saw them taking a boat trip out to sea," Peter told him.
   "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Joe ordered. He and Peter got into another speedboat and set off for sea, leaving Quagmire in charge of the cruise.
   "I rename this ship Captain Quagmire, the only ship that have sailed the Seven Penises and stopped the Seven Breasts from occurring! Oh, Giggity giggity goo!"

Who else, but Quagmire? He's Quagmire, Quagmire!
   You never know what he's gonna do next!
   He's Quagmire, Quagmire!
   Giggity giggity goo! Let's have sex!

There was a very young lesbian mermaid couple sitting on a rock kissing each other. One was blonde, wearing a red bikini top and a blue mermaid tail, and the other was ginger, wearing an orange bikini top and an orange mermaid tail.
   "I'm really enjoying this time with you," smiled the blonde. "It's lucky we're both lesbians."
   "To tell you the truth, I'm not a lesbian," the ginger sighed. That was because she was...  Quagmire, who took off his ginger wig and unzipped his mermaid tail like a pair of trousers!   "Giggity giggity goo!" smiled Quagmire, proud of himself.
   The blonde mermaid screamed her head off and quickly dived back into the sea.

  Who else, but Quagmire? He's Quagmire, Quagmire!
  Giggity giggity goo!

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