Dirty Secret

Jessie Mallete (Played by Tori Kelly), 17 year old (Fresh Graduate) party girl that is the type to try something, before just denying it. Justin Bieber is her 19 year old brother, they are really close. But way closer than brothers and sisters should be. They never saw each other as siblings because Jess stayed with their mom, while Justin stayed with their dad. But they still hung out, but then things started to change...Go through their journey with them, and see what happens...


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3. "Jealous"


Damn It. What the hell was I thinking. I knew how badly my words, just then would affect her!

Im such a fucking bastard, like she said...But she couldn't. She couldn't actually Hate Me, right?

I don't know, but I need to fix this, I need to show her I didn't mean any of it, and-and that she is all beauty no flaws, no where near a whore...


As I turned the corner that heads to her room, I started getting more anxious by the second, and questioning my self.

Like, what if she really does hate me?

Or she doesn't want to see me?

Is she gonna move out?!

But the one that really got to me, and that I asked myself the most was, Why did it matter to me so much, and how come I not only felt angry, but I felt jea-...Nevermind.

When I walked up to knock on her door, I saw here talking in a very ticked off tone on the phone. I assume she was venting our recent conversation to her best friend Brooklyn. Her only friend that never had a crush on me, probably why she is her best friend anyways. Instead of knocking I just walked in, since im sure I would've been escorted out with something between the lines of 'Don't fucking even look at me right now!' and 'Just get the fuck out asshole'.

"Sorry Brook, but I got to go, the bastard just walked in" She says before hanging up the phone, and glaring at me. Probably wishing her eyes were flying darts, and I was this huge hard-to-miss target.

"Look Jess, im sorry and I know that sorry probably doesn't mean much to you, but I don't know how to make up for it..." I sort of ask, with a confused/nervous look plastered on my face, since I didn't know what she was gonna say, or ask for in order for her to forgive me.

She stares at me for a while, just looking like she was thinking whether to believe me, or not. Then suddenly she smiles, which scares me a little, since im expecting to get my face bashed in for even attempting an apology in her face. "I forgive you" She says confidently, causing me to grab her, and pull her towards me.

When I felt her breath on my lips, I just then realized how close her face was to mine, and by the flustered look on her face right now, she probably just realized it also. "Umm, oh my bad" I stutter, causing me to blush.

"Aww" I hear her mumble, and if I wasn't focused on her right now, Im sure I wouldn't have heard her say it.

"Aww?" I ask.

"Nothing, its just your blush is cute, and all..."She explains. "But its also that I can honestly say that I am the only one that has witnessed it actually"

'Because your the one that creates them' I wanted to say but this whole situation, is just already awkward enough. So I decided to keep my thoughts to myself, for now.

"Can I ask you something?" She says randomly, so I nod quickly feeling embarrassed for just gazing off into my thoughts like that.

"Why were you so mad when you saw Dylan and Me?"


That was the one question I was trying to avoid.

But ive done enough, so why lie, and mess up what I just fixed.

"I don't know, I justgot angry, it was just this feeling in the pit of my stomach that just made me, me-..."

"Jealous..." She whispers.

"Can I ask you something now?" I say needing to get some stuff off my shoulders. She nods.

"Were you ever jealous of me when I was In a relationship..." I say, in a wondering voice, since well I do wonder that stuff sometimes, since I know I get jealous of her whenever she is dating someone.




He just had to ask that. But I mean of course I get jealous!

Does he need to know that though?

Those are my thoughts, as he sits there, silently...waiting for my answer. I mean he answered mine, so I guess I owe it to him.

"Well since you admitted to being jealous of my boyfriends, th-..."

"No im not jealous of your boyfriends, because I know I can treat you like the princess you are, and please your satisfactions, before mine" He interrupts, causing me to just kind of want to jump his bones right now, and then I realized from how he was looking at me smiling, then winked at me, that he saw that 'Im thinking about fucking you right now' face going on.

"Well um, li-like I was saying (*clears throat*), yeah, I guess I do kind of get a little jealous, but um I understand the circumstances of it." I say not making sense to myself, so im sure it sounded like crap to him to, but he seemed satisfied, since he just had this slowly growing smile, before getting up to leave.

"Bye Babe" He salutes. But when he called me babe I swear I felt butterflys playing soccer in my stomach, but he always calls me babe, but it never affected me.

Until now...



That was all I needed.

I know she wants me, ATLEAST a little.

I have an effect on her, so I can use it in my advantage. But should I, I mean yeah we didn't really grow up together, but she still is my sister.

I could just seduce her, since I know that she has sexual thoughts about me, since the drool that was practically  coming out of her mouth, it was pretty obvious.

But no one has to know about it....


It could be our Dirty Secret.



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