Avril was one girl like any other. She had a family, amazing friends, and health. But she had a secret. Every night, before going to bed, she walked up to her window and asked for a wish: Peter, I'm waiting for you...


2. Peter Pan?

Here we are with another chapter, enjoy it!

I woke up scared. I look around. There was nothing, everything was normal. Wait, the window. It was open. Strange... I get up from my bed, and started walking towards the window. Take the latch and close it. I couldn't return to my bed, because I noticed a presence behind me. I turned my head to find myself with a boy. The child just smiled and started walking towards me. I, unconsciously, take steps back, a little scared. 

-Hey, I'm not gonna do anything to you, ya know? - I heard. That boy just talked to me. So, it wasn't my extraordinary imagination.

-Who are you?- I asked.

-Oh, perhaps I forgot to introduce myself?, In that case, my name is Peter, Peter Pan- he replied, with a smile on his face.

I just laughed. 

-C'mon, tell me the truth- I say. I mean, he can't be Peter Pan. Peter Pan is the boy that refused to grow up. Sincerely, Is my favourite character of all the "Disney Movies". 

-What do you mean? I'm telling the truth, I'm Peter Pan- he said again. Okay, that was freaking me out.

-Okay, if you are really Peter Pan, you have to answer a pair questions, is that okay with you?- I asked crossing my arms, suspicious. 

-Sure, go ahead, ask me anything- he replied, with a confident look.

-Okay, who is the best friend of Peter Pan?- I asked sitting on my bed. Don't judge me, I was tired.

-That's an easy one, Is Tinker Bell, my fairy- he replied.

-You believe in fairies? Because I don't...- I couldn't finish my phrase. Because Peter put his dirty hand on my mouth.

-Don't say that, every time a child says "I don't believe in fairies", there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead- he explained, very serious. 

I just nodded.

Peter smiled, and sighed. 

-You can continue now- he announced, happy.

-Okay, where does Peter live? And with who?- I asked.

-Whoa, another easy one. I live in Neverland with the Lost Boys- he answered. Okay, maybe he was Peter Pan, or maybe he was a vey big fan of Peter Pan. Who knows.

-Okay, and how do you get to Neverland?- I asked again. 

-Second star to the right, and straight on till morning- he said looking at the sky, smiling. Well, I have to admit, that he looks like Peter Pan, but... Believe him?... I don't know.

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