Avril was one girl like any other. She had a family, amazing friends, and health. But she had a secret. Every night, before going to bed, she walked up to her window and asked for a wish: Peter, I'm waiting for you...


1. Neverland?

It was a sunny day. A beautiful day. My parents had gone out for dinner. Today was their anniversary. And also my birthday. Officially, I have 17 years. The truth is, that I don't want to grow up. And I still don't like it, is horrible. But my mother says that it is inevitable. 

It was night, so I decided to go to my window. To contemplate the starry sky.

The stars are so beautiful. Glow-in-the sky and give us light. More than once I wanted to be as tall as them. Like... if i were flying. 

I am aware that flying is impossible. But I've always wondered what will feel to fly?. You know, feel the wind in your face. And the breeze stirring you hair. It would be wonderful.


I know that it is nonsense. But... I think that somewhere in this world, there will be someone, who knows how a person feels when he is flying. And... I will find that person... someday.

After a few minutes, I closed my eyes and immersed in a deep sleep. But no too much. Suddenly a horrible sound woke me up.


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