The typical teenager spends every second of the day on the internet and social media following the people he or she looks up to, you just have to realize that people are going to hate and you have to just keep smiling and love yourself.


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A typical day for me consists of getting up at 5:15 in the morning only to be at school a couple of minutes before 8. 


That's sounds very stupid and I get asked a lot by friends why I get up so early when I don't have a first period class to get to. The answer is simple, it's personal and that's all I need to say to get them to stop asking. 


There are certain things I share with people like my favorite movies, my musical inspirations and favorite youtubers, but in retrospect I keep my personal life simply.. Personal. It doesn't matter how close that friend is to me or how long I've known them, there are things I've kept to myself and plan on keeping to myself. 


My Twitter for instance breaks what I just said. Everyone who knows me knows I have a Twitter but only 3 of my friends are allowed to follow me and know my user, the rest of my followers are fan accounts from all over the world representing a bunch of different fandoms that I'm apart of, but I won't get into that just yet. 


My life revolves around social media, I spend more time on my phone then I do verbally communicating with people. Obviously that isn't very good but to be honest with you I don't know where I would be without my idols. They help me to realize my self-worth which in turn makes me a better person.


I'm not the smartest or the prettiest or the skinniest but I've been told that when someone needs advice I give some pretty substantial words of wisdom, but that can be debated. 


To sum it up for you I live the life of a typical teenager of this generation. Nothing I do is any different from what others do. I have a limited amount of friends and I'm socially awkward. I'm an average C B occasional A student in high school who spends her time on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr dreaming of a life where I can travel and do what I've always wanted to do since age 7. 



My name is Tristan Evans...Welcome to my Life. 


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