The Forbidden Zone


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I am at a point in this book where I don't know what to write next, so I am completely open to suggestions, comments, or even collaborating. Also, I am interested in collaborating with anyone on another book, if not this one. Thanks. -Shadow-

Pronunciation of names

Yamaka- exactly how it looks (yah-mah-kah)

Kutsun- (koot-soon)


Taiyota- no, not Toyota (tie-oh-tah)

Yoshimi- (yo-shee-mee)

Kyonee- kyo is said kind of like a mix of ki (key) and yo (kyo-nay) or (key-yo-nay)

Kyonee- kyo is said kind of like a mix of ki (key) and yo (kyo-nay) or (key-yo-nay)

Kasu- (kah-soo)

Chiru- I tend to say th "r" kind of like a "d" (chee-roo) or (chee-doo)

Yumi- kind of saying "You" Then "me" (yoo-mee)

-Really short back-of-the-book type thing-

My name is Yamaka, and I am a Seventeen-year-old girl that is set to overthrow the "king" and his army, the serials. I will never think of him as a king, nor will my rebellion. "King" Kutstun is the man who arose in the world's time of need; we were so desperate for anyone, anything that could save us all from certain death that, when he gave us this, we willingly handed over to him all freedom we'd ever had, and practically enslaved ourselves. I saw right through his disguise from the very start. Now, it is up to me to save the very people that are trying to kill me.

----------------------------------------------------------------Actual start of chapter--------------------------------------------------------------

No, this can't be happening, there are innocent people being killed at the hands of "King" Kutsun. His Serials are on a killing spree; they have killed off my whole rebellion. I hear a piercing scream from the other side of the building I am hiding behind. I try to stealthily glance at the source of the scream, when I realize that that move may have just cost me my life. The Serials have spotted me! I try to dart away, just to find that I am surrounded. Guns are pointed at me from all directions. It feels as if time has slowed. Disbelief takes over my whole body. Then comes the worst. Gunfire.

"Ahhh!" I scream as I grab for my katana. I set it down slowly, realizing that it was just a dream. My girlfriend, Minochi, briskly walks into the room and asks "Is everything okay? What happened?" Due to the fact that I am Still breathing quite heavily, I do not answer her question right away. With a more relaxed tone in he voice, she says "Yamaka? Was it the dream again?" I nod my head and sigh "Yes, I can't seem to stop having this dream." While I am still talking, she begins to step towards me. I see a familiar look in her eyes; caring, loving. Mi-chan (that is my pet name for her) takes e in her arms and whispers "Yama-chan (her pet name for me), it will all be okay, it will be alright, I'll make sure of it. I love you." I drift into a peaceful sleep, still within her embrace.

The next morning, Taiyota, a blond seventeen-year-old in the rebellion, says "Hey, wake up girls" as he strolls past the room. He pauses at the doorway to mention "I'm going to the market, what do you two want for breakfast?" Minochi and I think for a minute, then decide. We, at the same time exclaim "pancakes!" Taiyota laughs and says "you two are so predictable." while zipping up his jacket and boots.

I spot his sword on his back and remind him of it. From on the couch, Yoshimi says "You wouldn't want to get caught with that inside the city walls." She goes towards Taiyota, takes the sword and puts it against the wall. Yoshimi once again sits in her favorite spot, the extra soft couch in the corner.

One-by-one, every person in the house wakes up, and walks into the center room, the room that we use to discuss our missions, tactics, training, etc. There is a circle of couches around the outside of the center room, and a oval table in the middle.

First to get situated is Yoshimi. Her beautiful, dark skin and black eyes contrast with that of the citizens of the inner layer of the city. There are 5 "layers" of the city; layer N3, layer P6, layer A7, layer R8, and Layer K1. The layers are used to label your status. The house that we are currently living in isn't in a layer at all, we are in the forbidden zone; the area outside of the city walls. As a result of her difference, she was labeled as an outcast, and thus, sent to live in layer P6. She joined the rebellion soon after. Yoshimi is also the most skilled fighter in our stealth unit of the rebellion against lord Kutsun. At age 18, she is by far the most mature of all of us.

Next to sit down is Kyonee. She is quite pale, thirteen years old, and has straight black hair that covers her left eye, which is blue, and leaves her right eye, which is green, shown. Her preferred weapons are firearms.

Following Kyonee, Kasu walks in. Kyonee and Kasu are, as we call them, "almost identical" twins. The only difference between them is that Kasu's left eye is green, with only her blue right eye showing. Her specialty weapon is her bow and arrows, even though she dominates with knives of any kind. She currently holds the position of lead archer.

After about five minutes, Yumi sleepily stumbles out of her room. Yumi is a beautiful, kind young girl. She is ten years old. Her long blond hair gleams in the light coming from the skylight. It is such a shame that she has people after her to use her for her powers. She is still learning to harness them, she has been trying ever since it has been known that she has them. I plan to include her in future missions to layer K1; King Kutstun's fortress. As of right now, i cannot allow her to partake in these missions. Until it is safe for her; we are her protectors after all.

Minochi and I stroll into the room, too. Yumi asks "Where did Taiyota go?" I know that she will want to with next time, but it isn't safe for her in the city, so i make something up" hunting" I say "He went hunting." The expression on her face tells me that she doesn't buy it. She angrily shouts at me. "I have a right to know where my brother is!" I give in and tell her the truth" He went to the market." Sure enough, she says " The one in the city!? Where I have wanted to go!? Why won't you let me go with him?!"

Minochi changes the subject "where is Chiru?" Kyonee, being an early bird, says "I saw him earlier, he was headed to the tech room to do his nerd stuff." Kasu enters the conversation, defending Chiru "it isn't nerd stuff, what he does is helpful! And it is cool!" Kyonee replies " You only say that because you like him! I know you don't think that, so stop arguing with me!"

From the door, Taiyota says "Stop your bickering, I made pancakes." He sets a large plate of pancakes on the oval table. "Eat up." Everyone does so.

Later on in the day, the large grandfather clock from upstairs strikes twelve. It is time to discuss our next mission.

Chiru, who is fifteen, makes the first announcement "King Kutsun has figured out the approximate location of our base.

Yoshimi says "So we have to be prepared for an attack sometime soon?" Chiru responds with " well, I don't think that they would suspect that we would be living in the old, rundown house that we live in now." I begin to worry, and ask "What if they find us? What if they come downstairs and find the hatch to the underground portion of our base? This is our home!" Silence fills the room. The only one who dares to answer is Yoshimi "we need multiple exits." I respond quickly " And how will we do that without the serials finding us? They are stationed at posts at every mile and a half of the forbidden zone." silence once again creeps its way into engulfing the room. Minochi breaks the silence " We could take out the nearest post. It would take a few days to re-enforce the post, so we can create another exit" Chiru agrees "it's not a bad idea, but we could risk getting caught" Yoshimi rolls her eyes and states " We are already at risk of getting caught. It wouldn't change that." At the same time, Kyonee and Kasu smile and say "Let's go."

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