Fall or Fly

'Fall or fly, I'll catch you other way.'

When Attia Ramere walked through the oak double doors of Hogwarts' Great Hall, everything changed. People who had never spoken to each other before, were now best friends. And it was all her fault.


1. A Grand Entrance

I ran a hand over the oak banister, a smile tugging at my lips. I listened to the buzz of chatter behind the doors, and my head filled with memories of my past, of days when I, too, was safe with friends. Friends. The word is almost foreign to me now, which I suppose is an inconvenient (or convenient, depending on how you look at it) side effect of wearing your own invisible crown.


They say Hogwarts is a castle, and I believed them, when I was younger, listened to my older sister's tales of princesses and happiness, like a foolish muggle. Then I grew up, and I realised that princesses are for palaces, not castles, and if I'm to be a princess, I'm too good for Hogwarts. That's what I told my owl anyway, when it was left alone over the entire time period of my eleventh birthday and all the way up to the 31st of July. No letter came for me.


They'd pay for that.


The doors were swung open with a bang, and I eyed the gawping crowd with malice. "What on earth is that?" a Slytherin boy scoffed, laughing at my attire.


"Something considerably better looking than yourself," I said to him, receiving many laughs. "And besides, what should you care? Just know that I'm going to kill you one day, if you don't shut up."


The teachers stood up, faces dark with outrage. "What is the meaning of this?" the oldest of them demanded in a clipped tone.


"Oh, it's nothing," I say, smirking. "Just giving you all a warning. I am prepared to kill, and I am prepared to destroy you all. So stick together, won't you?" With any luck, it would make it easier to do what I want.

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