Start Over Again? (Book 2)

(Book 2) Before you read it, you need to read Nerd Makeover (Book 1)...

Harry Styles is now in Tour with three boys, which is Liam, Niall and Louis.

When they arrived in Wisconsin, Harry has to find Lilly James, his crush, and start over with a friend to a relationship but the tour will only get three days.

Will Harry get start over again with Lilly James or not?

Meanwhile, Lilly is now at College in New York.

She only comes to her hometown for break time and she needs to time out.

There have lots of cute boys in the college.

She met the girls who are the boys', Niall, Liam and Louis, Lovers in her college.

Will she ever forgive Harry for never come back her hometown or not?


4. 3


Today is the third day of the tour.

I will be very excited but...

I sighed sadly.

I'm sad and scared too.

Lilly probably waited for me to come back to Wisconsin, her hometown.

Two years, huh!

I sighed out.

I can't believe it had been two years!

I'm still here in New York with my three mates, Liam, Niall, and Louis.


Louis goes out with one of the security guards, and rest of them will stay with us.

He wants to find his lover, and so we want to find our partners...

I sighed sadly.

Would you hurry up, Mr Tomlinson?!

I smiled a little at it.

With that, Louis comes in our hotel room with its large smirk look and join into sits down on his bed.

We all look at him in confused because of this significant smile look.

I wonder what the hell was that?

"I'm sorry if I'm asking but..." I paused.

I looked down on the ground while Louis looks at me and I sit properly while I talked to him because I don't want to have a bad back.

"What is it?" I asked.

"What is what?" Louis says innocently.

He still playing his games.

I put my glare look on my face at Louis, and I rolled my eyes.

"No. What he means is your smirk face. Seriously, what is it?" Liam explained and asked.

"Oh! I met my best friend, Shannon and my lover, Jenna." Louis paused.

I was confused.

Because Louis still looked at us with his famous smirk and he was saying he met his lover and his best friend.

"Plus I have numbers from..." Louis paused.

What did he talk about?

We looked at Louis as he put his hand into his pocket and moved to where he sits close.

"Your lovers!" Louis says as he gives the number paper to Niall and Liam.

"What?!" Liam and Niall ask in the union.

They looked confused.

Why do they look like it?

They should be happy for it.

"Why do Gabby comes here in New York? I make her a promise that I could come." Liam says.

"Yeah, me too. I thought Chrissy would stay in New Jersey." Niall says.

Louis looked at me with his serious face.

Why did he look so serious?

Maybe I will ask him.

"What?" I asked confusedly.

"Well... You should go to Lilly's hometown." Louis orders.

What up with it?



I sit down to watch the TV with the boys, and I was thinking what happens to Lilly. 


I met Lilly James.

I don't want to hurt Harry if he heard me like Niall and Liam that I hurt.

You probably were confused, right?

Start with this.



I went to the funfair with one of the security guards because it's reminding me of I have fun with my best friend and Jenna.

I smiled at it.

I smiled because I always go here. So, my best friend forced me to go here because she saw me stressed too much.

Then, I looked around and whirled around at the same time because I heard the girl called my name.

Well, my geek name.

"Melvin Revues! It is you!" A girl called.

"How?" I asked speechlessly. 

I was confused as well.

Because of this girl's voice. 

Who is it again?

A person tapped on my shoulder.


I know this voice.

With that, I turned around to see this girl, who has brown eyes and tan skin.

Everything has the same but expects for the hairs.

I was expecting for the same colour hairs, which was dark brown hair before, but now her hairs are blonde.

I was shocked.

"Shannon?" I called in shocked.

"Yep!" She nodded while she smiled wide.

I hug her.

"How are you?" I asked excitedly as she pulled away from the hug.

"I'm fine, thank you!" Shannon answers.

She looked behind my back and then looked back at me as she smiled nicely at me. I was confused.

"I think you would love it!" She smirked.

With that, she waved her hand behind my back excitedly.

"Hey, Jenna!" Shannon shouted.

I was in the frozen.

Jenna was here?! What does she doing here?!

I turn around to see Jenna walked past candy cotton shop.

I was shocked.


She still looks so beautiful and different.

She looked on her phone and when Shannon called her name as she looked away from her phone to see us.

She was in frozen too as I do too.

"Jenna..." I whispered.

Three girls walked behind her, but they stopped to walk away because of they, I think they're her 'cute' friends, looked at Jenna and then me at the same time.

They look shocked to see me as I was unconformable and say something excitedly.

I wonder... What If Lilly was here?

"Shannon, what should I do?" I asked as I still staring at Jenna's face.

"Go and talk to her. I'm sure she will forgive you." Shannon ordered and says.

I nodded.

With that, I started to walk away to where is Jenna's way, with my security guards and Jenna began to walk away to my way too.

There has silence moment between us.

I want to break the silence moment.

So, I was...

"Hi..." I greet awkwardly.

"Hi..." Jenna welcomes me.

I looked around and back to see her face.

"How are you doing so well?" I asked.

"Good! Good!" Jenna says.

What was that?

Silence moment?!

Jenna, say something!

She crossed her arms.

"Um... You were here because you knew I was here?" Jenna asked slowly.

I shake my head.

"No. I was here because of the memory." I answered.

She looked shocked. 

"I knew it!" She gives me a tight hug.


I thought she would mad at me. 

Yeah, like super crazy.

I was confused.

"I miss you!" Jenna still hugs me.

I hug her back while I heard her respond.

I smiled nicely.

All I see is three girls stood by candy cotton shop.

Two girls look excited and another one look severe.

"Hey, Jenna..." I called.

Jenna pulled away to see my face.

"Yeah..." Jenna replies.

"Who are they?" I still looked at the three girls.

Jenna smiled at me when she caught me in looking at them.

"Well... You were about to find out." Jenna says.

Wait a minute! 

Is that them?! 

They look so similar because the boys told me a lot about them. 

I was confused.

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