Start Over Again? (Book 2)

(Book 2) Before you read it, you need to read Nerd Makeover (Book 1)...

Harry Styles is now in Tour with three boys, which is Liam, Niall and Louis.

When they arrived in Wisconsin, Harry has to find Lilly James, his crush, and start over with a friend to a relationship but the tour will only get three days.

Will Harry get start over again with Lilly James or not?

Meanwhile, Lilly is now at College in New York.

She only comes to her hometown for break time and she needs to time out.

There have lots of cute boys in the college.

She met the girls who are the boys', Niall, Liam and Louis, Lovers in her college.

Will she ever forgive Harry for never come back her hometown or not?


3. 2


I might be missing Harry Styles, but I got to focus on the work because of my parents.

I sit down as I feel exhale when I finished to unpacking.

I sighed sadly.

Why was One Direction here before they've gone?

Because of what?

I looked down on the ground.

"Is anyone have a card? Cause I have mine!" Gabby asks while she got a card on her hand.

I look up at her hand, and I was shocked.

How did Gabby get it?

I was about to say something, but Chrissy stopped me.

"I got it too!" Chrissy says excitedly as she gets it on her hand.


How did they get it?!

I was bewildered.

As I turned to see Jenna was looking for a card.

"Me too..." Jenna says calmly.


Did they say that they had met the boys, who are Niall, Liam and Louis, right?

Because I was so confused.

Then the girls look at me as they were waiting.

"What?" I ask confusedly.

"Did your lover, Harry Styles, send you?" Jenna asks.

I sighed sadly.

"Yeah, he did." I paused.

I looked down on the ground.

"What is it?" Chrissy asks confusedly.

With that, I looked up at their confused face.


I stood up and walked to where is my deck as next to my bed.

Then I picked the songbook and pulled the card when I reached the middle.

I sighed sadly.

"Here!" I say uncomfortably as I turned around to see them.

Gabby chuckled a little.

"I'm sorry if I ask you, but, Lilly, what was this?" Gabby asks as she points to the songbook.

I was shocked.

"Oh! That was my songbook. It was for my exam from the end of this year. I'll be singing this song." I explain proudly.

"Wow! You must be in Drama." Jenna says.

I sighed sadly.

"Don't tell me that song was about Harry Styles, right?" Chrissy asks.

I smiled at it.

"No. It wasn't. It was about my parents." I explained.

Of course, it is! 

It was about Harry Styles.

I don't want to sing it in the front of the girls.

"Aw!" Gabby says.

"So, who gives it to you?" I ask as I point to their card for each one.

They look confused and then realise that the card is on their hand.

"Oh! Liam sends Ashton Irwin the card and himself to me." Gabby says.

"Oh, my God! How lucky you are..." Chrissy says.


I was so confused.

Because at Firstly, we have the boys and now the card?


"Louis sends Calum Hood and it too..." Jenna says calmly.

"Whoa!" Gabby and Chrissy say in the union.


"Okay! Niall sends Micheal Clifford and it too!" Chrissy says excitedly.

Our jaws dropped on the ground.

No wonder what to say!

Then they just looked at me.

I sighed sadly

"Harry sends Luke Hemmings and it too..." I say.

"Not fair! I want to see him." Chrissy moaned.

Gabby looks worried.

About what?

"Girls, I was worried about the letters. Now, when we receive the message?" Gabby explained and asked.

We sighed out in the union.

"On three..." Gabby ordered.

"One, two, three!" Chrissy says slowly.

"Christmas!" We say in the union.

Oh, my god!

We just met each other.

I sighed happily.

"I'm so glad that I just met you three!" I smiled wide.

"Me too!" The girls say in the union.

We take a seat on my bed and discussion about the boys.

We giggled about how they dress up from the nerd.

I wonder how does Harry doing well?

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