Notes afi.

[book 2] of the unfortunate series

Where Ashton leaves cute love notes in a girls locker.

© copyright of eat.sleep.fart 2015. All rights reserved


13. 13


♛Ashton ♛

"Michael let me the hell go, I'm going to punch the shit out of you Lucas!" I yelled trying to get out of Michael grip.

That ass-hole thinks he can just make a bet on Nova to see if it will take her a month to give it to him without me finding out? I think not.

All I feel in my body is rage, it's making me see red, it's making me feel like the fucking hulk right now.

"Ashton call the fuck down mate, look luke will back out of it wont you luke?" Calum said giving him a look. Luke rolled his eyes before looking at me.

"Fine but I'm still going to go out with her." He started to walk out but stopped in his foot steps. " You know Ashton, you might want to be careful next time you stuff a note in her locker. You never know who can be watching." He smirked evilly and finally got out of the empty classroom.

"I'm going to kill him." I said ready to walk out but Michael gripped my shoulder and sat me down on a desk. "Look if you do anything to Luke Ashton you will be the one getting punched." Michael said giving me a glare.

"What are you to scared that I'm gonna do something to your little boyfriend? For God fucking sake grow some balls and ask the dude out." I said they both froze. Shit I was supposed to keep that secret from calum and Luke.

"Sorry Michael, it just came out." He sighed and sat down on a desk. He shrugged it off. "Wait,wait, what? like Luke? Are you.....are you?" He asked not wanting to mention the word because he's afraid Michael will punch him if he says it.

"I think I am. I've liked him for the longest time now. I don't know what to do...Anyways how are you with the whole Jess thing?"(tee hee drunk texts)"He asked calum just shrugged his shoulders.

Poor guy, he was really in love. Just like how I am with Nova. To bad she will never love me back. I guess this is what I have to do then.

♛ ♛ ♛

I leave the note in her locker and quickly walk over to the water fountains once I see her coming. I'm so sorry Nova but it's for the better. "It's not like she cared anyways" I turn around to see Luke standing in front of me.

"Watch this." He motions me to follow him but I stay in my spot. He yells her name and she looks at him. Oh god, she's so beautiful, is she even real? They start to talk, I'm feeling afraid that he's gonna tell her it's me leaving the notes in her locker everyday. Oh god.

I start walking towards them and once I reach up to them I take one look at her and I'm Already falling for her more now.

"Hey what are you doing here?" She asked me looking like she wants me to die in a hole. Ouch I literally just felt my heart being stomped on. I shrugged my shoulders since I can't even speak right now.

I feel horrible, like you know the kind of horrible you get when your stomach hurts really really bad and no matter what it doesn't go away? Yeah it hurts more than that.

"So anyways I was going to ask if you wanted to join me and the lads to All Time Lows concert tomorrow?" Luke asked oh god I know she excited already. She loves All Time Low.

"Yeah ok no problem, what time will you be picking me up? Because I need to get ready."She asked him.

"Why you don't need time to get ready, you always look beautiful." I mumbled

"Why you don't need time to get ready, you always look beautiful." That fucker stole my line. I gave him my best glare I can give him.

"Aww thank you babe, your the best isn't he Ashton?" She asked kissing him. He kissed her back. I can't do this, I walked away as fast as I can and ran to my car.

And right than and there I cried my heart out listening to Blink 182 song 'Down'. This is the worst day of my entire life.

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