Notes afi.

[book 2] of the unfortunate series

Where Ashton leaves cute love notes in a girls locker.

© copyright of eat.sleep.fart 2015. All rights reserved


12. 12

♛Nova ♛

"Hey babe." Luke says running up to his new girlfriend. He kisses her on her cheek, and right after that Ashton comes standing next to Luke.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" She asked Ashton with a cringe on her face. She never liked him, he always picked on her for no reason. She just thought that he was a really bad person.

He shrugged his shoulders, not even wanting to speak right now. He loves her so much it's unbelievable. He's scared to death of this feeling she gives him, and he's heartbroken because she will never feel the same.

"So anyways I was going to ask if you wanted to join me and the lads to All Time Lows concert tomorrow?" He asked her. She always wanted to go to their concert, she just never made time.

"Yeah ok no problem, what time will you be picking me up?" Ashton mumbled something under his breath, Than Luke spoke up. " Why you need time to get ready, you always look beautiful."

Ashton gave him a glare which seemed to catch Novas eyes. "Aww thank you babe, your the best isn't he the best Ashton?" She asked kissing Luke, luke kissing back. He didn't answer because he just walked away.

They broke apart a couple seconds after that. "What the hell is his problem?" She asked, Luke just shrugged his shoulders and pecked her on the lips. "I have no idea but I have to go see you later." He left soon after that.

She opened her locker an once she did a note fell out. She squeezed with excitement, she loves the notes a stranger leaves in her locker everyday. It makes her feel beautiful whenever she see it, or even thinks about it.

I think I'm just going to stop leaving you notes. This is just stupid, You don't care, you will never care, and I'm just the idiot who fell for you. But that doesn't mean anything to you does it? Sorry.



She felt her heart drop, He's got it wrong. Yes she hasn't met him, or at least she doesn't think she has. She has feelings for him deep down. She puts the note in her pouch where she keeps the rest of them, and carried on to class.

She heard something near the lockers, but she ignored it and went to class anyways.

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