5 SOS: On Tour


1. We're going on tour!

Emilys POV

Well. Lets just say we have good days and bad days, and my day couldn't get any better! 

My name's Emily, I'm 17 years old and I live in Australia. 

"Get outta bed now Emily! Its 9 o'clock! Oh and Lilly's here!" my mum yelled from downstairs.

 I heard Lilly's voice from downstairs. She was talking to my mum. Lilly sounded excited and serious at the same time, so did mum.

"Mum! You know Lilly can come up here, I don't mind!" I yelled back.

"Okay. She's coming up!" my mum replied.

I heard Lilly's footsteps as she climbed up the stairs. I jumped out of bed and started to brush my hair, it was red, yes, I was a redhead. But I liked it! Lilly was a few years older than me, she was 19. We met on a school camp when we were put together along with two of our other best friends. Ever since then we have been best friends!

"Hey Emily! I have great news!" Lilly exclaimed as she shut the door.

"Why are you shutting the door?" I asked.

"Just cuz." She replied.

Lilly had her brown hair tied back in a pony tail. She wore black shorts and a white top with blue stars on it.

"Sooo. What's the great news you were talking about before?" I asked.

"Well. You know how we entered that competition a month or so ago?" Lilly asked.

"What one?" I asked.

We had entered about fifty competitions in the last month or two.

"The 5 Seconds of Summer one!" she replied.

"Which 5 Seconds of Summer competition?" I asked suspiciously.

We had entered around five 5 Seconds of Summer competitions.

"The one where the winner gets four tickets to go on world tour with 5 SOS!" Lilly squealed.

"Yes. I remember that one" I said slowly.

"Well guess what?" she asked.

"I won?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes and no!" Emily exclaimed.

"So? Just get to the point." I said.

"I WON!" she screamed happily.

"Really?" I asked astonished.

"Yup! And guess who's coming along with me?" she squealed.

"Me?" I asked hopefully. 

"YES!" Lilly exclaimed. "OMG! Seriously?!" I asked.

"Yes!''Lilly reassured.

"When?!" I asked.

"Soon! We leave in a month! I absolutely can not wait!" Lilly exclaimed.

''Do ya have an exact date yet?''I asked.

"Yeah. It's the first Saturday of next month. Oh and We're going to L.A. first!" Lilly exclaimed. ''Ya know what?'' I asked Lilly.

''What?'' Lilly replied.

''Imma start packing now!'' I squealed.

''Woah! You've got a whole month left!'' Lilly said.

''Hmmm. Yeah. You have a point.'' I said slowly.

''Hey. Do ya want to come with me to tell Amy and Brianna?'' Lilly asked.

''Hell yeah!''I squealed. 

I shooed Lilly out of the door so I could get changed. I put on my denim shorts and a bright pink cropped top that came down to the bottom of my rib cage. I opened the door and Lilly smirked.

"What?!" I asked.

"Oh nothing." Lilly relied.

"Then why did you smirk?" I asked.

"Oh nothing." Lilly replied.

"Okay" I said slowly.

"Bye mum!" I yelled from the front door.

"Wait where are you going?" She asked.

"To Amy's and Brianna's!" I replied.

"Ok!" Mum said. 


Ten minutes later we arrived at Amy's house and to our surprise Brianna was there too! 

Brianna was 18 and so was Amy. Yes, I was the youngest. Brianna wore a mini blue skirt and a purple cropped top. Amy was in pink shorts and a rainbow tye-dye shirt. 

''Hi guys!'' Amy greeted as we walked through the door.

''OMG! Hi!" Brianna squealed.

''We come with great news!'' Lilly said as deeply as possible. 

"And what would that good news be?'' Amy asked.

"Oh yes, please tell!" Brianna chirped.

''Oh. Nothing big. Nothing exciting'' I said sarcastically.

Lilly looked at me, I winked at her. She seemed to get my message.

''Yes?'' Amy asked suspiciously.

"Hurry up! We don't have all day!" Brianna moaned.

''Ahhh. Yeah. Nothing big at all. We just going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer in a month and you two, me and Emily here are coming with me. That's all.'' Lilly said calmly.

When I turned to look at Amy her jaw was on the floor, literally!

''OMG! Are you serious?" Amy asked.

"Yup! 100% true!" I said.

"Seriously? Can you tell me the truth?" Brianna said sounding serious.

"OMG! WOW!" Amy squealed.

"We're telling the truth I swear!" I reassured Brianna.

"YASSSSS!" She yelled. 

Lilly and I gave them the details and told their parents, we we're all allowed to go! 







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