5 SOS: On Tour


3. Touch Down in LA

Brianna's POV

"Wake up Lilly! Wake up!" Amy said trying to wake Lilly up.

"Huh? What do u want?" A sleepy Lilly replied.

"We're here sleepyhead!" Amy said rather loudly.

"We are?!" Lilly said sound ver much awake now.

"Yep. Can you believe it?!" I squealed.

We hopped off the plane and went to grab our luggage. By the time we finished getting everything we needed we were quite lost.

"Oh shit. I forgot about transport. And accomodation." Emily had suddenly turned pale.

"You what?!" I replied.

I felt a slight tap on my back. I turned around to see who it was. My heart skipped a beat and Amy, Lilly and Emily were staring at the same four people. I looked at Emily, then Amy and Lilly, they were all in shock. There in front of us was Luke, Michael, Callum and Ashton.

"Hi. I'm Brianna, these are my friends Amy, Lilly and Emily." I said as I introduced myself and the girls to 5SOS.

" Hello I'm Luke, this is Ashton, Michael and that's Callum. You look lost." Luke replied.

"Yes were hopelessly lost and we don't have accomodation. And we're meant to be coming in tour with you." Emily chirped.

"No problem. You can stay with us. We'll just call up the hotel and tell them to change the room to an eight people room." Ashton said confidently.

"Really? Thanks!" I squealed.

"No problem." Luke said.

"Follow us." Callum said.

They walked off through the crowd leaving us no choice but to follow them.

We filled the boys into the drop off and pick up area. Suddenly a limousine can around the corner and stopped right in front of us.

"Ladies first" Michael said.

I stepped into the car follows by Amy, Emily and Lilly who was followed by the boys.

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