5 SOS: On Tour


2. The plane flight

One month later

Lilly's POV


"Bye mum!" Emily sniffled. "I'll miss you!" She said to her parents through tears. 

I watched as she burst into tears. It made me wanna cry. I did. 

"Now, now don't cry dear." My dad said soothingly.

"I'll  m-miss y-you heaps!" I stuttered.

"We'll miss you too." Mum said before bursting into tears.

"Cya mum! Bye Dad!" Brianna said. 

She looked like she was on the edge of crying. Brianna was always to strongest of our group.

"Bye honey" Her parents replied.

"Bye m-mum. B-bye D-dad" Amy stutted. 

"Cya later honey, text me!" Her dad answered.

"Last call for flight 1647 to L.A." The voice over the speaker said.

"That's our call!" Brianna said.

"Bye!" we all shouted.

I watched as our parents stood there in years while the rest of the girls walked towards the gate. My mum noticed me staring at her, I blew her a kiss and then ran to catch up with the others.

"I can't wait!" Brianna squealed.

"None of us can" I replied.

We walked towards the counter.

"Tickets please" The woman at the counter said.

All of us grabbed out tickets and out the in the counter. The woman scanned all of our tickets and let us pass.

As we walked through the tunnel towards the plane I started to cry again. I wouldn't see my family for one and a half months.

Emily put her arm around my shoulder.

"It's okay Lilly. Once we get there you'll be telling me that one and a half months isn't long enough." Emily said calmly.

We boarded the plane in silence.

I sat down and closed my eyes and tried to relax. I fell asleep a little while after.






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