I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


33. What the Hell?

Calum's POV

I woke up to the obnoxiously loud sound of my phone ringing. My head was pounding like a bitch.

"What the hell? How'd I end up on the couch? How'd I even get home?" I mumbled to myself. I rubbed my eyes, blatantly ignoring my phone. I groaned and stood up. Ugh my head is killing me. Eventually I got into the shower and changed. I felt like someone had just hit me with a friggin' car because the front door slammed. I noticed Chrissy creeping up the stairs with her penny board. She kept her head down all the way up the stairs.

"Hey babe." I said and reached out to hug her. She flinched and took a step back.

"What?" I asked. She raised her head and allowed her flannel to slide all the way down her arm. She has 2 huge black and blue bruises so, I extended my arm out to hold her, comfort her but, she moved away and mumbled, "Please don't hurt me."

"Chrissy I didn't do this, I mean I'd know if I ever did something like that." I said.

"This was because you can't handle alcohol, you told me to tell no one."

"Can you please lower your voice, I've got a headache."

"Oh really you want me to lower my voice cause you were screaming at my last night, ya sure didn't give a crap then."

"Babe," I raised my voice, "I wouldn't ever hurt you what the hell."

She pushed past me making sure to hit my shoulder. My blood began to boil, why would she think something like that? She came out of our room with her bag already packed.

"Where are you going?" I asked in a raised voice.

"Anywhere but here." I grabbed her bag.

"Dude, I seriously don't need this okay." She reached for her bag and I shoved it with my foot behind me.

Out of nowhere she started to yell at me.

"Whatever I'll have someone get that." She started to walk down the stairs. I yanked her by the hips and lifted her off the ground. I brought her up the stairs.

"Dude, put me down you're hurting me." I dropped her when she kicked me. I don't know what came over me, I kicked her a few times until she stopped screaming. She stood up with tears in her eyes and was holding her stomach. Her expression quickly changed from scared to angry. Her smooth hand harshly connected to my face. I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth. She started to scream in my face. My first reaction snapped me out of this demonic persona. I ended up punching her square in the mouth causing her to fall back and hit her head on the corner of the coffee table. She looked up at me from the floor, blood gushing from her now busted lip.

"Oh my god, Chrissy. I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened, I-I-I just snapped." I knelt down in front of her making our eyes lock. She slowly stood up without breaking the stare. She grabbed her board and left as fast as she could. My heart dropped, what did I just do? Who am I?

Luke's POV

Everyone gathered at Hanna and Ashton's house. We were attempting to figure out what the hell happened when I got a phone call from Chrissy.

"Hello?" I asked.

I got no response, all I heard was crying.

"You stay in front of your place I'll be there."

I heard a muffled okay on the other line.

"Michael you come with me, you guys stay here." Michael and I quickly got in my car and raced to Chrissy and Cal's.

When we pulled up I saw Chrissy with her legs folded to her chest and her head buried in her legs. I pulled up in front of the townhouse. Michael went inside and I knelt in front of Chrissy.

"Chris?" I asked.

She lifted her head, "Oh my god." Her face was covered in bruises and blood.

I stood up and started to walk to the door.

"Luke, it was my fault. I pushed. He didn't mean it. It was an accident." She said. I walked back over to frail girl.

"You didn't do anything, he abused you." I said.

"No, I started it. I kept yelling at him and hurting him."

Michael came out with Chrissy's bag and blood on his fist. He put her bag in the car and came over to Chrissy and I.

"Holy shit. I need to go chat with my buddy in there." Michael said.

Chrissy stood up, "Michael don't hurt him. It's my fault. He didn't mean to. He still loves me, I just poked the bear. Can we leave please?" She said. Michael didn't have it.

"Okay, I don't know what you think is going on her but, what he just did is not love. Chrissy if he loved you, you wouldn't be covered in blood and a couple of bruises." Michael stepped closer  to her and slowly started to unbutton her flannel reveling her stomach. I stood to the side of Chrissy and watched in horror. She looked at me with watery eyes. The whole front of her torso and left side was bruised and covered in a few stray cuts. He let the flannel go to her wrist showing us bloody splotches. Her legs were pretty bad too. The worst was her head. Michael took the backward snapback off of her head. He walked around to the back of her head to see a bloody clump of hair. A single tear fell from her eye.

"It was my fault. It was all my fault." She said in a hushed tone.

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