I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


7. The Call

Ashton's POV

Hanna and I were out by the bus station near the music shop to see if Chrissy was there. As Hanna talked to the man on the bench waiting for a bus, I waited in the car. My phone rang and I saw the studio apartment manager's number on the caller ID. I answered the phone with a monotone-ish voice, "Hello."

"Um yeah there was some really loud banging coming from your complex, can you please keep it down. click."  He seemed pretty pissed off.

I rolled down the window and called Hanna into the car. "Get in." I said. She hopped in the car and buckled her seat belt. 

The drive into Sydney was really quick actually only about 15 minutes. I pulled into the back lot behind the studio. Hanna and I had walked to the front door, it was unlocked. Hanna went in first because I was trying to figure out why the door was unlocked. It was pretty quiet for a few seconds all I heard was the creaking of the stairs. Ugh, I hated that sound it was like nails on a chalk board to me. A blood curdling scream came from the upstairs. I ran leaving the door open.

"Babe, are you okay?" I screamed as I ran up the stairs

I saw her frozen in the door way crying with her hands over her mouth. I couldn't see anything. I nudged her aside and saw her.

"Oh My God! Chrissy!" I screamed as I shielded Hanna from the scene.

I calmly told Hanna, "Don't look" She opened her eyes, " I said don't look. Now I want you to go downstairs and call 911. Then you need to stand in front of the building and wait for the paramedics, when you see them, flag them down. Now go quickly!" I said.

Hanna ran down the stairs dialing 911 as she went. I looked at Chrissy, my eyes started to well up.

Chrissy was laying on the floor in the middle of the trashed studio. Her make-up was streamed down her face. In her left hand she was tightly gripping a large shard of glass. It was covered in blood.....her right wrist was slashed and she was laying in a small pool of her own blood. Next to her was the picture of her and Luke in front of the music shop back in Riverstone. Small drops of her blood landed to the picture.

I knelt down next to her and checked for a pulse. I felt a weak pulse in her neck. I raced down the stairs to Hanna and snatched the phone from her. She was still on the 911 call.

"Send paramedics quickly, she's got a weak pulse. Hurry!" I handed the phone back to Hanna and bolted back up the stairs.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a hand towel. I then tightly tied the towel around Chrissy's wrist.

Hanna started to scream, "OVER HERE!!!!"

I heard the ambulance pull in front of the complex. Paramedics rushed up the stairs with a gurney and huge backpacks.

An officer pulled Hanna and I aside and started to question us. I explained everything to him. Hanna clutched my shirt and wept into my chest. I held her tightly and kept on telling the officer everything.

I turned my head a little bit to see Chrissy being hauled away on a gurney and being placed into the ambulance. She had a neck brace on and an oxygen mask covering her nose and mouth. One paramedic rested his hand on my shoulder and said, "You did good today."

The officer said we could follow the ambulance so, Hanna and I jumped into my car. Hanna frantically sent the whole group a message saying  Found Chrissy. Meet Ash and I at the hospital in Sydney. SOS!!


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