I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


1. The Black Out

Luke's POV

"Chrissy! Oh My God. What have I done. This is all my fault. I should have been there." I said as I ran behind the paramedics who were rolling her on a gurney into a trauma care unit.

Ashton pulled me back. I wanted to hold her again. I fought my way to the end of the hall where I saw 5 doctors rush into her room.

I was escorted back to the waiting area where I sat anxiously waiting. Ash sat next to me. He held me down when I tried to fight to get to Chrissy. I fought, I screamed, I cried and I even punched a hole in the stupid freaking wall that had some hopeful writing on it.

Ashton sat with me. He had no idea what happened, nor did I. He asked me what I remembered prior to the accident. I couldn't remember anything. Everything was just a total blur.

The silence grew as Ash and I sat and waited for any type of news. I pulled my phone from my pocket and found a video from the summer before.

I pressed play. First all I saw was Ash kissing his girlfriend. The video was then moved to Chrissy and I. I was giving Chrissy a piggy back ride through the Australian sand on the beach. I remember everything from that day. The way Chrissy's hair brushed my shoulders as we spun. The way her soft lips pressed against mine. Everything. The video stopped. I was shot back into reality.

Everything became blank. Nothing mattered. I wanted her back in my arms. I need to feel how soft her brown hair way. I need to feel her hands combing through my hair. I needed to hold her again.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"What the hell happened bro" asked Michael.

I blatantly ignored him because I knew I couldn't give him any sort of answer. I snapped. I could bare another question from my friends, nor could I bare the fact that I should have been there for Chrissy.

"Where are you going Luke?" Asked Ashton

"Why do you even care?" I said as I walked out of the hospital doors.

I walked for hours. Ignoring every text, phone call and FaceTime that anyone sent me. I wanted to black out, to forget everything, to rid my mind of Chrissy. So I just walked to that beach, the one from the video. I sat under the dock. I stared out at the miles of salty water just wishing I could get on a boat and never come back.

"Luke?" Michael and his girlfriend screamed on the top of the deck.

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