I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


38. SHOULD I?????

Hey my lovely readers!!!

I am seriously contemplating writing a sequel.......Comment if you want me to!! I need over 10 yes comments to do it! OH and also, I'm holding a contest for the sequel.

If YOU are the lucky winner you'll be featured in the Sequel!!

So, Comment yes if you want the sequel and tell me,

Your name

1) What's your favorite 5SOS song?

2) What is your favorite feature about Luke?

3) What was your favorite chapter out of "I Need Your Love"

Lastly, Read, Fave and Like my other story "Song Titles"

I'll be picking a winner and I'll post the first chapter metioning you as well as mumbling about my winner! This is totally random!!!



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