I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


8. Send...

Hanna's POV

I sent everybody a text saying, Found Chrissy. Meet Ash and I at the hospital in Sydney. SOS!!

Ashton and I followed the ambulance to the hospital. Ash ran inside and told me to wait for the gang to show up. I felt my eyes starting to well up. I wanted to cry but held back the tears. I sat on the curb for a few minutes, clutching my phone in both of my hands.

"You okay?" I heard a voice behind me.

"Um, uh, yeah....Yeah I'm fine." I said while blinking back tears and flashing a half smile. The lady behind me was dressed in teal scrubs. She sat on the curb next to me, she looked into my eyes.

"It's okay to be sad, honey. I know you found that girl half dead on the floor." She said. I nodded while, wiping escaped tears from my cheeks. The nurse wrapped an arm around me and reassured me that Chrissy would be okay.

I cried into her shirt as she rubbed my back and told everything was going to be okay.

"Hanna, Oh My God, Han." Marie shouted as she ran up to me. Ashley was close on her heels. They both jumped in front of me. I looked at the nurse as she stood up to leave.

"Hey can you stay." I asked.

"My name is Rhonda, by the way." She said.

"Hanna, this is Marie and Ashley." I said.

I went over everything.....every detail. We all sat on the sidewalk crying. Rhonda teared up a bit and held us all. She reassured us that Chrissy would be fine.

The boys were inside with Ashton. I saw Calum run into the parking lot. Luke. Luke was here. I stood up.

Calum said that the doctors were moving Chrissy into the Trauma Unit from the ER. Luke ran past us all into the hospital doors. He was soaked he to two. I started to walk in the hospital doors, my fists clenched.

I felt my feet lift off the ground. Calum lifted me by my waist as I tried to claw my way into the hospital.

Luke's POV

I ran into the hospital when I saw my girl on a stretcher. Ash pulled me back. 

After I had left the hospital, I went to Chrissy and I's old spot. Under the docks at the beach. I heard Michael and his girlfriend looking for me, screaming my name. I didn't respond.  They didn't know I was here. I left my car at the hospital and the keys in my pocket. I heard some screaming and faint music. I saw a bon fire out in the distance. I heard some voices coming closer to my location. Two girls in bikini tops and shorts were walking my way.

I stood up, about to leave, when a girl said, "Hey your kind of cute, want to hang out with us?"

I looked at them. I took a few strides towards them. I kissed the blonde one on the lips. She kissed me back. I pulled away and started to walk back to the side walk. I wanted to make trouble.


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