I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


18. Rushed

Calum's POV

CC- Chrissy   C- Calum

CC- Baby Parker's sick. :(

C- Awe poor thing, does she need anything??

CC- No I took her to the doctor and they said that she only has a mild cold. They gave me some medicine and a hotline that we can call if something happens. The meds seem to be working pretty well.

C- Hey the guys just got out of the studio and we are getting my baby girl some new toys and blankets to make her feel better. ;)

CC- I feel so unappreciated.

C- I was also going to get us a few movies and candy but, if you don't want them fine.

CC- I love you! xoxx

C- I'll be home in about 20 minutes, I love you more baby! xoxxxxx


I closed my phone and drove with the boys to the store. We all grabbed multiple rabbit stuffed animals, teddy bears, a light pink blanket, movies and candy. I paid and dropped everyone back at the studio. I drove back to Chrissy and I's apartment. When I walked inside, Chrissy wrapped her hands around my neck and smiled. I pecked her lips and set my two bags down. We sat on the floor and pulled tags off of the animals. I cut a tag off of a teddy bear when Chrissy pulled my hat off and placed it on my head backwards. I grinned at her and kept cutting tags. Chrissy looked at the baby monitor and stood up.

"Babe can you hand me that blanket please? Parker is up" I spun around and handed her the blanket. She walked into Parker's room while I cleaned up the tags on the floor.



"Call 911"

I burst into Parker's room where Chrissy frantically dug for her phone. She found her phone and dialed.

911 What's your emergency?

My baby she i-i-isn't breathing help.

Paramedics are just around the corner from your location okay just hold on

A few seconds later 3 people rushed into the room with my daughter. A EMT escorted her out of the room and started to question us.

"Ma'am how old is your daughter?" Asked a tall blond EMT.

"Parker is a year and 3 months." I said as Chrissy cried into my chest with her back turned away from the lady. I held her close as I choked back tears.

"Okay and what are the prescriptions that she has taken today?" Chrissy pulled away from me and grabbed the red bottle and syringe as well as the prescription print. She handed it to the lady. 

"How long has she been sick?" The other two EMTs rushed past us and pushed Parker to the ambulance. I watched my baby laying lifeless on the gurney.

"Sir? Ma'am?"

"Oh uh, she got her fever at about 5 this morning and I took her to the doctor at like uh, like 8:30ish this morning" Chrissy said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"Okay so you guys can meet us at the hospital, thanks for the corporation." The lady smiled at us sympathetically.

Chrissy and I drove to the hospital to figure out that Parker was in critical condition. Chrissy cried into my arm as we waited in the lobby.

My phone rang. I silenced it. It rang again. Once again, I silenced it. The last time it rang I answered.


Where the hell are you Calum?

My kid is sick.

She'll be fine, you have Chris to take care of her. Come back to the studio.

Well Parker is in Critical condition okay.

Dude, its just a cold. Holy shit melodramatic much? Just get your ass here.

Parker i-i-i............

Cal are you okay?

No Ashton, my daughter is laying on a hospital bed in critical condition and I have to be strong for Chrissy because she can't keep herself together right now. I-I-I have to watch my only child slip through my finger tips and you want me to leave her and my wife alone to fight what ever the fuck this is. I'm not leaving until I have Parker in her car seat on the way home with my wife with her. O-Okay. Don't expect me to record anything right now. Shit the doctors are coming up to Chrissy, if you want to talk come to the hospital okay.

That was it. I hung up on Ashton.

I slid my hand into Chrissy's and she squeezed my hand.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hood?" A tall dark haired doctor asked.

"Yes." We said in unison.

"Parker is undergoing surgery because she went into Cardiac Arrest." Chrissy took a step back and sat down. I sat next to her as she cried and blamed herself. I held her close.

"Where's Parker?" I heard a familiar voice ask. Ashton. I looked up to see everyone. Michael, his wife Ashley, Ashton, Hanna and Luke.

"Surgery" I said as Chrissy reburied her head into my shoulder.

The small lobby was completely empty except all my friends and family. I paced the floor, Michael sat in a chair next to Ashely while staring at the floor, Ashley, Hanna and Chrissy held hands, Ashton leaned in the corner and Luke sat in opposite corner on the floor. I was watching the floor as walked on it. Michael tapped the floor with his foot, I could tell he was nervous. Hours flashed past us.The doctor in charge walked in and everyone looked up.

"I'm sorry for your loss" The last words he said before leaving.

Time stopped. I stood in the middle of the room. Chrissy ran past me out the front doors.

Chrissy's POV

Tears streamed down my face. I dropped Ashely and Hanna's hands. Everyone watched Calum and I. I ran past Calum to the hospitals doors. The cool night air hit my face. I put my hands behind my head and exhaled as much air as I could. My face was stained with tears. I screamed at the stars. I sobbed, I felt like he world was against me.

As I sat onto the curb, I buried my face in my hands.

"Do you want to walk?" someone asked me.

"Uh... yeah" I responded.     

Luke stood behind me with his hands in his pockets.







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