I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


35. Questions and Answers

Luke's POV

"Wait so, Calum has hit you before?" I asked. "Why?"

"He was always drunk or high and I never said anything because I still loved him. I never was this bad because he'd just snap out of whatever it was." She replied.

Everyone glared at her.

"I really did love him. When I saw Michael beating the ever living shit of him, he looked at me and just gave up the fight. I've given up the fight before and I always had someone to help me back up, I needed to help him." She said through pale, teary eyes.  "You guys don't even know the half of the relationship. But, whatever Mike where is my bag?"

"Oh it's right here." He said handing Chrissy her bag. She began digging through her bag, she slipped something into her pj pocket and head for the front door.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Outside for some fresh air." She said.

"I'm coming with you." I said. I started to walk towards the front door. Chrissy sat on the front porch, I sat next to her and Michael sat on her other side. Everybody joined us on the porch.

"Why are we out here?" Hanna asked.

"Mikey want one?" Chrissy asked reaching into her pocket. Michael nodded. She handed Michael a cigarette and place one in between her lips.

"Shit." She mumbled. Michael dug in his jean pocket and pulled out a lighter saying, "I got you." Letting the smoke bounce between his lips as he spoke. I looked at her in shock then at Michael.

"What are you going to beat me up too for getting Michael into mild smoking?" She asked me.

"No, I just didn't know you or Mike smoked." I responded.

"Well we do." He said.

"When did you two start?" Hanna asked.

"2 days after Michael drove me to the docks and 2 days after Luke went into that Mental place. I was really pissed so, I bought some smokes, beer, bug spray and lighters. Michael and I went to the lookout, got wasted, smoked almost 3 packs and made a flame thrower out of bug spray and the lighter. It was a good night." She smiled at Michael. Ashley smacked Michael on the back of his head, he grabbed his head and blew a little bit of smoke in her face. I laughed at the whole situation.

"Luke is my lip still swollen?" Chrissy asked me.

"No, why?" I responded. Chrissy inhaled quite a bit and then planted a kiss right on my lips. I could taste the nicotine on her lips. I liked it. She pulled away and blew the smoke out of her mouth.

"Here." She placed the half smoked cigarette in between my lips and lit herself a new one.

"Oh hell no, not you too." Ashley leaned up and took the cigarette out of my mouth and put it out.

we sat on the porch for a little bit before I grabbed Chrissy's bag and put it in my car. Chrissy and I drove back to my apartment. I put her bag on the bed. Chrissy had already turned on Netflix and got a blanket. I sat down on the couch and cuddled as gently as I could with her. She ended up falling asleep with her head on my chest. We slept on my couch that night.

____________________________-Skip a Week-_______________________________

Chrissy's POV

Its been roughly a week since the Calum thing. I haven't seen him but, I guess everyone else has. My bruises are healing well and you'd hardly know I ever bled. I just couldn't get the look that Calum gave me when Michael was beating him. I think of that lifeless face every time I see myself in the mirror. Being with Luke is great but, it's like he shelters me. I look at myself and see the abused girl who still loved the one who hurts her the most. I couldn't handle it. I felt myself falling slowly, going back to that dark place. I've given up on myself. To think all I'd have to do is lay down on those train tracks or pull a single trigger. I was home alone, thinking about just simply giving up. I decided today was the day, the day I'd end all the pain and suffering, the day I'd finally be at peace. I put on my shoes and walked outside. I was about 11:00 pm and nobody was out driving. I walked to the bridge and placed myself at the edge. I let my hands slip off the railing. Falling to my end. Black.

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