I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


15. Passing

*************4 YEARS PASS***************

Chrissy's POV

Luke and I haven't really talked since the day Calum caught me meeting him. But now my heart is finally full and I'm happier than ever. Calum. Oh my god just hearing his name makes me melt. His nerdy little laugh. His stupid little smile. He gives the best hugs. The twinkling brown eyes. I love him so much. But we aren't dating anymore.

Flash back

It was the best night ever. Calum and I were at the look out. The stars twinkled in the dark navy blue sky. The moon illuminated Calum's sleek black Camaro. We were laying on the hood, our hands intertwined. Everything was perfect. We were looking at the stars when Calum got off the hood and opened the driver side door. He bent down inside the car. Cal shut the door and came back to the edge of the car. I swung my legs over the edge of the hood and looked out at the city. Calum stood in front of me. He grinned.

"Hey Chris?" He asked still standing in front of me.

"Yeah?" I asked.

Calum put his hand in is pocket and bent down on one knee. My heart rate sped up. Oh my god is this happening. I covered my mouth with my hands.

"Christyna Joy Ross will you make me the luckiest man alive an be my wife?"

"Why of course Calum Thomas Hood, I love you! " I jumped off the hood and he stood up, he slid the diamond on my finger and pulled me into a hug.


After Calum proposed we got married roughly around a month later. The wedding was amazing. I couldn't have asked for more. Although it was a little weird knowing that Luke was a groomsman and so were the other boys. My girls were my brides mates. The after party was fully of music, dancing, smiles and the kisses that Cal and I shared.

Skip 10 months

Calum's POV


Hey Ashton.

Hey Cal, any news?

Yeah you all can come to our place.

Mkay, everyone is coming.

K see you guys in a few.

I smiled at myself. Everyone has been waiting for like 2 weeks for this. I was just about sit down next to Chrissy on the couch when I heard the quietest pounding on our front door. I giggled at bit and opened the door to the 5 smiley weirdos who were bouncing eagerly to get inside. They all pushed past me. Everyone ran up the stairs.

"Oh my GOD THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!" Just as Ashton screamed this I climbed up the stairs to see Chrissy being surrounded by my best mates.

Hanna smiled and asked, "What's her name?"

"Parker, Parker Lee Hood." I said.

Ashley looked up at me and said, "She has your eyes Cal. And Chrissy's cute little nose."

Well Ashley she is our kid.


Chrissy and I have a beautiful daughter named Parker Lee Hood and we are happily married, can I say life is amazing

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