I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


16. Parker

Calum's POV

Parker was the center of Chrissy and I's attention. She is the cutest little thing. She wasn't the only kid out of our friends group. Ashton and Hanna are married and they had a son about 2 weeks ago. Parker and Greyson (Hanna and Ashton's son) are practically best friends. Hanna and Chrissy hang out like almost everyday and the kids play together, which is adorable, while Ashton and I go to band practice and play shows. In other extremely amazing news Michael and Ashley are soon to be married!

Everyone is finally settling down. Except Luke. I haven't heard from him for a long time. At band practices or even shows he doesn't talk to any of us. I don't know weather I should be worried or not. I walked into the living room and sat next to Chrissy.

"He baby." I said and pecked her lips.

"Hi, be quiet Parker finally fell asleep." Chrissy nuzzled into my side. I grinned. I couldn't help myself because I finally felt complete. Chrissy obviously looked pretty tired.

"Do you wanna watch a movie?" She asked. Without answering I jumped up and put in her and Michael's favorite movie. As I started to sit next to Chrissy, my phone went crazy. I opened my phone and looked at my messages. Just as I was about to reply to Ashton, Michael texted me.

M- Hey can you meet me and the guys at the studio in Sydney?

C- Uh, sure what for???

M- EBM (Emergency Band Meeting)


I looked over at Chrissy, who was already asleep, and tried to untangle myself from her without waking her up. It only took me a few minutes but eventually I was standing in front of her. I kissed her forehead and went into the sound proof room and grabbed my bass and my keys.

I crept to the garage and into my car. I felt really bad for leaving again but I had to.

About 10 minutes later I was at the Studio in Sydney. I parked out back and walked to the front where I found Ashton looking up the stairs. I was really confused. I looked into the studio and found Michael slowly climbing the stairs.

"Guys its all clear. Come on." Michael shouted.

Ashton slowly walked up the stairs. I was a little confused why Ashton was so terrified. I got up the stairs, set my bass in the studio and went to the bedroom to find everything peaceful. My other bass was still "sleeping" in my bed. I came back into the living room with the second bass.

"Hey where's Luke?" I asked looking at Michael.

"Right here" Luke said coming out of the studio.

Luke's POV

I stepped out of the studio and watched Calum pull his bass out of the soft case he had on it. Ashton glared at me and tilted his head towards the back room. I walked back there and everything seemed completely fine. Ashton walked back a few seconds later and pointed at my duffle bag and the bathroom. I walked into the room and grabbed the bag from under my bunk. When I opened it,  felt my eyes start to burn. All of the pictures I had were blacked out, my comforter was ripped. I pulled out an old shirt that was covered in spray paint and something fell out of it onto the floor. I heard a small click and looked up to see Ashton.

"You know that Hanna and  I cleaned up this entire place, right?" He said.

"What is this?"

"All of your stuff." Ashton looked at the floor.

"You know what that is?"

I shook my head no. I examined it closer. It was the selfie Chrissy and I took in front of the music shop back in Riverstone. There was a dark red splotch on the glass. The glass was cracked. I turned the frame over and let the glass shards fall onto the rug. A small stack of pictures were taped onto the back of the frame. I unstuck the pictures from the frame.

"Luke" Ashton knelt beside me, "See that big stain? Chrissy was close to death when Hanna and I found her. This was because you made the worse mistake of your life and now." Ashton pulled his phone out and slid it in front of me.

I stared at the phone. My eyes stung. It was a picture of Chrissy, Calum and Parker in front of their house. I stood up and took a deep breath.  I walked out of he room and into the studio. It was quiet. I grabbed my guitar and started playing. I felt a little better. I started to come up with some chords. It sounded good.

Once I finished writing all of the Chords and found a beat, I opened the studio door to see Calum sitting on the couch and facetiming Chrissy. Calum looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back. I guess I had to realize that Calum finally completed Chrissy and she is happy and that's all I really ever cared about. I sat next to him and smiled at the phone.

"Luke oh my god hi!" She said, and can I just say she is beautiful.

"Hi. How are you?"

"Good good, hey can I text you later Cal? Parker and I are going to shop for some toys with Hanna and Greyson. Maybe we will stop by to see my other baby." She pouted her lips and gave Cal the biggest puppy dog eyes. Calum smiled.

"Love you Chrissy!" Cal said.

"I love you too Calum!" Click. The phone was off.


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