I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


6. Looking for the Lost

Luke's POV

After Ashton confronted me I pushed past him. I wanted to walk off the face of the Earth. I regretted every doing that. I missed Chrissy already. I feel like a total dumb ass. I went to Michael's house where, come to find out, the rest of the gang (Except for Chrissy) was thinking of areas where she could be. I let myself in and everyone mumbled words that I couldn't make out.

I explained to them that I had made the worst mistake of my life. They agreed.

Michael chimed in to break the awkward silence, "That's not how you two were supposed to say goodbye, you weren't ever supposed to say goodbye."

"Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. You don't think I already know that. You don't think I'm broken and no one here seems to see me like this. I'm just the asshole who shattered the whole picture." I practically yelled back.

"Luke, chill out bro. Ju..." Calum said before I cut him off.

"Do you guys think I ever wanted to hurt her. I hurt her enough when we were in London for 9 months, not to mention all the time we will be away as the band gets bigger!" I snapped back.

Ash stood up and said, "No one is blaming you Lu-."

I raised my voice and said, " I AM, I am blaming myself. I was the idiot who let her go."

Ash sat down. The group all looked at me like I was crazy. I stormed out the door and started going to the beach to Chrissy and I's place.


Chrissy's POV

I cried the whole time I was running. I ran straight to the bus stop. I sat alone until a hand offered me a tissue. I looked up to see an old lady who seemed confused. I took the offering as she sat next to me. Neither of us said a word. The bus came along and the old lady got onto the bus. I shook my head no and the driver shrugged, closing the doors.

Something was compelling me to stay. The doors to my escape had been turned away by me. My one way ticket out of the painful area had been torn in two.

I walked away from the bus stop. I had no idea where I was going. I wanted to run back into Luke's arms. I knew I couldn't. I couldn't let him leave me and then go off to other continents for a year. I hardly could handle the 9 months in London. We went 4 months without talking. I couldn't bare that feeling again.

By now I had left Riverstone. I walked out of all the memories I had made there. I moved into Riverstone when I was 10 years old. I soon became friends with all the boys. That's how we all became so close. Calum, Michael, Hanna, Ashley and I lived in the same neighborhood and Luke, Ashton and Marie lived in the neighborhood just before mine.

I walked into Sydney (Which is a few miles west of Riverstone) not knowing where I was going. I remembered when Luke and I were on our 10th date he drove us to a little studio apartment where the boys would come to write and record some music for the tour. It wasn't much better than Michael's garage but, it was cheap enough that the boys all pitched in to buy the place. I walked towards Main Street. I saw the bright blue door that Michael spray painted a red x on. I walked up to the door and shook the knob. Surprisingly the door slung open. I walked inside and shut the door. As I climbed the rickety stairs, the smell of pepperoni pizza and cookies lingered in the air. "Gross" I whispered.

I found the small bedroom where there were two sets of bunk beds, you could easily tell who's was who's. Michael and Calum on the right side. Michael slept on the bottom. I could tell because he had a few pictures of him and Ashley on the wood board that held Calum's mattress. Calum was obviously on top because he rested his sleek black bass under the blankets with the top of the neck on the pillow, classic Calum. Ashton was on the bottom of the other set of bunk beds, I knew because the bed was neatly made as well as the multiple pictures of Hanna on the wall. There were a few of them kissing on the wood board above his bed. That left the last bed out of the sets. Luke's. There were a few pictures of him and I on the wall with a red spray painted heart around them. I smiled a little bit as I remembered what we were doing in those images. One picture was of our first kiss. When Ashton recorded us. I felt my eyes welling up. I remembered what happened hours before. My cheeks grew red hot. I knew Michael had to have had spray paint around here somewhere.

I ripped the closet door open to find a few large duffle bags. I tore through each one. I finally got to Michael's. I unzipped it. Tears rolling down my face I dug through the bags content. In the very bottom was 3 cans of spray paint: Black, Red and White.

I popped the lid off of the black spray paint. I scribbled out the heart and coated each image in black. I threw the spray paint can in the bed. For some reason destroying Luke's belongings made me feel a little better. I jumped off of the bed and laid down on my stomach on the floor. Looking under the bed, there were plastic containers. I found the one that said "Luke" on the lid. I unhooked the clamps and opened the box. Inside there was a box that had my name "Chrissy" in all caps. I opened the lid and found the lipstick I had left from my date with Luke (When he drove me here). I popped the top off and ran to the bathroom. On the mirror I wrote, "I'M BROKEN BECAUSE OF YOU HEMMINGS!!" I threw the bright red lipstick on the counter and cried.

 I staggered into the living room just outside of the recording studio. I grabbed the song sheets and threw them into the air. I had scattered the white couch cushions all over the floor. I over turned a chair and broke some vases, plates and cups on the floor. I pulled stuffing from the throw pillows. I went to grab another plate or two when I saw a picture frame with Luke and I smiling from a selfie we had taken at the music shop. I picked up the picture and stared into the happy eyes of the perfect couple. I collapsed on the floor in the middle of my destruction path. I sobbed realizing my world was no more. I chucked the picture frame across the floor making the glass shatter. I screamed. I crawled over to the broken picture frame grabbing a large glass shard. 

My lip quivered as my eyes were blurred from crying. I held the glass in my hand.      

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