I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


34. It's my Fault

Luke's POV

Michael was furious. He started to walk to the door with his knuckles turning white. Chrissy ran behind him. 

"Michael please don't. It was all my fault okay. I hit him first. He didn't mean to. He still loves me." She said through the tears. I followed behind them. Michael didn't care. We all got to the top of the stairs and saw Calum holding his lower lip on the floor. Michael stood over top of him, "Get up." He said harshly.

"Michael please." Chrissy was in tears. She was trying to hold Michael's arm back. Calum stood up and spit blood onto the hardwood. Calum's eyes softened when he saw Chrissy. Michael broke from Chrissy's arm and threw a punch, pinning Calum to the ground.

Chrissy was hysterically crying and telling Michael to stop. The next thing I knew Ashton, Ashley and Hanna were coming up the stairs. I was trying my best to hold back Chrissy without hurting her. Michael had already gotten a few good punches in. He was now just trying to hold Cal down and talk some sense into him. Hanna, Ashton, Ashley an I were trying to calm her down. She was still screaming, "It was my fault" through layers of broken tears. I don't know how she got away from us. She got down to Calum. Michael refused to get off of him.

"Please." was all we heard from her. Michael reluctantly stood up and raised his hands in defeat. Chrissy stripped herself of my flannel and tried to clean the blood of Cal's face. Ashton looked over at me and I nodded at him. He grabbed a blanket of the couch and gently wrapped it around Chrissy's waist. He lifted her off of the ground, she was still crying and trying to get away. Cal sat up against the wall. The girls started to walk down the stairs, I followed. I heard Michael say, "You don't ever hit a girl."

Hanna stopped Michael and I from going any closer to Chrissy. She was sitting on the hood of Ashton's car. They were talking.

"Ash said he'd talk to her. He wants us to go back to the house and wait." Hanna said.  We all got into my car and drove off.


It was about 20 or 30 minutes before Ashton came in the basement where we were all gathered.

"Don't freak her out okay. She's still really shaken up." he said. Chrissy slowly walked through the door. Her face was still stained with tears. I took a step towards her, she jumped back and put her arms up to her face as if to shield herself. The room was pretty quiet until she practically whispered, "How could you hurt him like that Michael? It was my fault. I deserved it." Chrissy sat on the carpeted floor. "I deserved everything that happened. I deserved to bleed and be kicked, everything."

"Chris?" Michael asked while standing up. " Can I sit right here?" He pointed to the spot right in front of her. She nodded yes. Michael sat down slowly but, she still scooted away from him a little. "Do you think me punching Cal was okay?"

"No." She sat curled up in a ball. She looked so tiny and fragile.

"What he did to you was 10 times worse than what I did to him." Chrissy sniffled. Chrissy looked up at me.

"So you're saying I didn't deserve it after everything I did to him and Luke?"

Hanna gasped, "Chrissy you didn't do anything to either, you love them, you love him and he loves you." She said

"It was still my fault." She said. During this whole conversation Michael was moving closer to her. She looked back at Michael in terror, there was almost a fist sized gap between their knees. Chrissy started to breathe heavily and repeat the words "Don't hurt me" over and over again. Michael stood up and went to the other side of the room. It took her a second to calm down a bit.

I stood over the small silhouette of the broken girl. I held my hand out to help her up. At first she freaked out but, she accepted the offer. I held her hand and led her to the bathroom. I helped her onto the counter. I started to wash off her wounds and stop the bleeding of her lip. Her eyes looked like she lost all color in both. I was covering some of her cuts on her hip when I finally decided to try to get her to open up about what happened.

"Why do you think it was your fault?" I asked.

"Because I started the argument both times. He was drunk the first and this was just out of pure rage."

"I hope you know, you didn't deserve it nor was it your fault."

"I guess so." I reached out to move some of her hair and she moved away. She squeezed her eyes shut. I must have scared her by moving to fast. She started to wince and cry. I gently wrapped my arms around her small figure. She nuzzled her face into my chest and let her cry.

"You're safe, nobody can hurt you now." I said. She pulled away from me.

"Promise?" She asked.

"I swear."  I noticed her lip was swelling a little. I pointed at my lip and she nodded. I pulled her lip down and pulled her piercing out. I ran downstairs to the basement.

"Can you guys get some ice, maybe some different cloths. She's okay if you move a little slow just be chill." I said.

I went back upstairs after Hanna. She went into her room and grabbed some plaid pj bottoms and a black tank top. I went back into the bathroom with Chrissy. I helped her get dressed. The more skin that showed revealed new marks. She went downstairs and laid on the couch. I brought her the ice and turned on a movie. Within 10 minutes she was sleeping.

"Oh my god. I just can't believe that happened." Hanna said.

"Wait where's her lip ring" Ash said. I held up the small black ring.

"Dude I can't believe that  almost 95% of her body is covered in bruises. She looks so broken." Ashley said. Ashley looked at Michael's knuckles. 

"Baby I don't ever want to see your knuckles like this ever again okay." Ashley reapplied ice to her husbands hand.

"You guys didn't even see the worst of it. They're a few marks on her neck and behind her ear. Her shoulder was all fucked up. He did a number on her." I said. "Ashton what did you say to her?"

"I really didn't say anything. Um Han babe, you should go hang out in the basement for a minute with Ashley." Ashton said, he knew something.

"Ash we need to know so we're staying." Ashley said.

Ashton sighed, "She was saying how it felt good, to be noticed by Calum. She was talking about how he's never home and when he is he hardly pays any attention to her so, when he was beating her or screaming at her she felt like she was an actual person not some random invisible person. I asked her why she didn't leave when he first hit her and then she started crying and begging to me let her go see Cal. When I wouldn't let her she just started to walk to the house and my car is still in front of the town house but she did bring her penny board. On the way here she said that I can't tell anyone what she told me. That's it."

I was in shock. Everyone was in shock.

"I thought we had an agreement Ashton, now I feel like I can't trust you guys. I'm surprised Luke hasn't told you how we met." Chrissy was standing in the doorway. Everyone looked at me.

"You guys met at the old coffee shop right?" Michael said.  

I told everyone how we actually met. When I finished, I noticed Chrissy staring at everyone.

"I mean if we're spilling each others secrets, I've got nothing to hide." She said.

"What else have you got Chris?" Ashley said obviously pissed off.

"Want me to go easy on you?" Chrissy said.

"Whatever." I said, I needed to see what was going on.

"Alright, this isn't the first time that Calum has hit me. He was doing this before Parker was born. It never got this bad, but I have had a few broken ribs before." Chrissy kept a straight face, like she wasn't able to show any emotions.


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