I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


28. I'm sorry

Luke's POV

"Why'd you put me in the middle Chrissy?" We drove to the docks and sat on the edge.

"I never intended things to end up like this. A piece of me knew that you were the one but, you dropped me when things got rough." Our eyes locked and she quickly wiped away a stray tear. "When I needed you most, you let me fall until the last second when all of the sudden Calum just showed up but, you were there the whole time. You never left me even when I'm married to your best friend and he left when I needed him, you. You were still there and now look who I'm confessing to. Luke, you are the reason I'm still alive. I could have been in the ground in year 11.  I still remember when we first met. You saved me then and everyday you save me."



Luke's POV
I was on my way home after a band meeting in Sydney. It's a Saturday night and I have school tomorrow. I'm currently in Year 11.  I was driving across a small bridge that lays overtop of the river. I had barely got my car onto the bridge when I spotted a girl. She looked oddly familiar. She hair was being pushed back by a swift breeze. She was sitting on the edge. I stopped my car and got out. She turned around to look at me. Her face was stained with black tears. I stepped closer to her.

"Y-You take one more step and I'll jump." She said.

"You don't want to do this." I said.

"You don't even know me, you don't see whose inside me. You can't stop me." She took one hand off the railing and scooted forward.

She looked down and I quickly walked behind her. I grabbed her waist and pulled her off the railing. She held onto the railing. I held on to her.

"Stop, I see what's inside of you." She collapsed in my arms, she started crying and saying that she wanted to die. She spun to face me.

"Why'd you stop me?" She asked.

"Why'd you want to do it?" I asked. 

"I have nothing to live for." She started to cry, I kissed her softly.

"Now you have a reason to live."


"Luke you never stopped being my reason."

"And you never stopped being my reason Chrissy."


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