I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


20. Hide-n-Seek

Michael's POV

I looked at Chrissy the second I got to her and Calum's place. Her eyes looked empty. She honestly looked like a ghost. She only moved when Ashley and I came up on the steps. I sat on the steps holding Ashely's hand. I could tell she was cold. I slowly tore off my leather jacket and draped it over my babies shoulders. She snuggled into my side and I held her close. I couldn't look at her without thinking about Chrissy. We all gathered around Chrissy and the whole time we sat, we discussed where Calum could be. I looked at my phone and realized it was 1:47 in the morning yet, nobody even yawned. Chrissy snuggled up to Luke and he held her close. She stared at the street lamp across the street. Chrissy never said a word, she obviously didn't give two shits about anything right now. The conversation grew silent.

"Babe, Ash, Han, Luke we need to go look for Calum. We don't need a relapse from London." I said while standing and helping Ashley up.

"You and Ashley check at the beach, the hospital and the inner city." Ashton helped Hanna up and grabbed his keys.

"Luke are you going?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll walk. I think I know where he might be." Luke said.

Luke's POV

Everyone left Chrissy and I on her porch. I started to stand up.

"Don't leave me here alone." Chrissy whispered. She stood behind me and let a single tear carve a path down her flawless face. I pulled her close to me and wrapped my arms around her. She clung to my chest and cried. Chrissy never changed. She always put these barriers up until she was either alone or with me.

"I feel free. I can't talk to Calum because he never like understands you know." She cried into my chest. Her skin was cold.

"I sometimes feel so alone" She looked up at me and our eyes locked." I feel like I cant talk to anyone but-"

I cut her off. Our lips moved in sync. Chrissy wrapped her arms around my neck and I snaked mine around her waist. She pulled away at the sound of a door closing. She backed up and walked into the house.

"HOLY SHIT!" Michael walked towards me.

"I don't know what happened okay, she was crying and telling me how she felt alone. Then she started to tell me how she felt like she could only talk to me. Okay so yeah I told Cal that I was over her but I'm not I guess. Oh Hell I still love her."

"I know Luke, just not when she's venerable." Michael stared at me.
I walked off the porch and headed toward the look out. Once I got there, I heard breaking glass. Found him. Calum was sitting on the edge of the cliff next to an open 20 bottle case of beer. Each bottle you finish you line up on the edge. On the other side of Calum was a hockey stick. Yep, it was what we used to do with root beer bottles. You basically play golf with glass and hockey sticks.

"Go away." Calum said before gulping down a beer and setting it next to him. I counted the bottles. 17. Calum could sure drink. He stood up and started swinging the stick at each bottle sending shards of glass through the air.

"Why aren't you with Chris?" I asked and pulled the case away from him.

"I told her I cut." He said.

"You what?" I wanted to make sure  heard him right. He stood up and took off his long sleeved shirt. I examined the wounds that layered his body. He quickly spun around, put his shirt back on and looked out at the lights.

"I couldn't stand to see the pain in her eyes, not to mention my kid died. Will you walk me to the studio and let me lay low there, I need to be alone right now."

"Uh, yeah" I said and walked next to Calum. The walk was quiet. Calum went straight into the studio and slammed the door. I watched him as he punched the padded walls. I left. I walked back to Chrissy's house. By now I was texting Michael and Ashton.

L- Luke     M-Michael     A-Ashton

L- Cal's at the studio and he wants to be alone

M- I'm going to go get him in the morning.

A- So Luke, Michael tells me you and Chrissy made out.

L- No, just a kiss. MICHAEL FUCK YOU!

M- Dude, I had to tell. At least I didn't tell Calum or Ashley or Hanna so.......

A- Secrets don't make friends.

I knocked on Chrissy's door. She let me in and pulled me closer to her. She raked her fingers through my hair and kissed me. I held her waist closer to me. Our lips moved to perfect time. This felt so wrong but, so right. Like meant to be. Our kiss became passionate. Standing in the middle of the living room we held each other close. She pulled away from me.

"I love you so fucking much Chrissy. I never stopped" I pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear.

"Luke, you are always in my heart." She said.

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her before I pulled back and pointed to the bedroom. Chrissy kissed me one last time before she walked into her room. I plopped onto the couch. My heart was still racing. I pulled out my phone and watched old videos of us before everything happened. I heard The door open and Chrissy laid next to me. The couch was really big so we could both fit comfortably.  Chrissy laid with her back to me and I wrapped my arms around her. She finally fell asleep and so did I. I woke up to Chrissy shifting so she was now facing me. I kissed her nose and pushed her hair behind her ear. God, she I so beautiful. I regret ever loosing her.


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