I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


9. Filling in the Cracks

Ashley's POV

Michael and I had gone to the docks to look for Luke. He was nowhere to be found.

~~~~~Skip 3 days~~~~~

Chrissy's POV

I was released from the hospital at 2:30 pm today. Ashton drove me back to his house. I was apparently living Ashton's house until he could get a hold of Luke. Ashton basically said I can't go to my apartment or I might do something. I wanted Luke to want me to want him back.

I didn't know how much I missed him until he was the last thing I said before I tried to die. I mumbled "I love you Luke." before slashing my wrist. I missed his touch. I missed the way his cold lip ring hit my warm lips. I missed the way he played with my hair when we cuddled. I missed him.  

Luke's POV

I was out of Sydney. I left leaving a path of trouble leading back to Riverstone where Chrissy and I's spot once had been. I sat on the edge of the doc with my phone in one hand and a pocket knife in the other. I clicked open the knife and pushed it back down. While flipping the knife in my hand I replayed the scenes of Chrissy before. I paced the doc, talking to myself, asking why I ever left. Why did I leave? Why?  I repeated this until I grew the strength to call Chrissy.

"Hello?" She said

"Hi. Um. C-Can we uh....Can we talk. At our spot, except you know on the dock. At the end. By the water?" I said

"Um, yeah I guess." She said


I hung up.

Chrissy's POV

Luke had called me. It was nice to hear his voice, I missed it. I called Michael because it was 11:52 pm on a Friday. I knew he would be up. I asked if he'd drive me to the docks. He said of coarse.

It was only 15 minutes later when he picked me up from Ashton's. We drove from only 5 minutes before getting to the docks. Michael noticed Luke pacing the end of the dock. He looked at me confused.

"Do you want me to wait here?" He asked

"Um, yeah because you are my ride home." I said while flashing him a smile.

I quickly walked to the end o the dock only to see Luke crying. He turned around.

Luke's POV

I heard Chrissy behind me. I was in mid sob when she gasped. I shakily held my pocket knife against my wrist. I felt the cold blade against my warm skin.

"Luke put the knife down." She begged

"Back up, I won't talk to you if you don't back up." I snapped

Chrissy threw her hands in the air and backed up a few steps. "Look" I said " I-I can't live without you. I don't know why I left but, Hanna made it pretty clear that you'd never love me again. I can't live without you okay."

Chrissy ran to me and pressed her lips against mine. I didn't pull back. My hand now lightly gripped the knife. I felt her hand on my arm. The next thing I knew was she had the knife in her hand. She threw it into the ocean as she pulled away. I sobbed with anger. a few tears streamed down her face. My face grew hot with my salty tears. 

"Why did you do that?" I screamed, "I want to die. I want to die!" I said in between sobs.

I lunged towards her. Just as I did Michael jumped in front  of Chrissy. He pulled her into a hug and shielded her from the sight of me.

I collapsed onto the ground and sobbed. I repeated "I want to die!"

I sat on the dock with my knees to my chest and my head looking down at the water. I rocked in place, cried, punched the dock in anger and  leaned further towards the water. Chrissy and Michael were long gone. I was exhausted since I was running on 3 hours of sleep. I felt like I couldn't breathe so I laid back on the dock. I stared at the stars. I remember hearing a car door shut. Calum, Michael and Ashton stood overtop of me. A lady wearing a mint green out fit bent down and said, "I'm sorry."

After that I felt a pinch in my neck. My vision got blurry.

I woke up in an all white room, wearing a white outfit and in a white bed.

"Luke can you take these pills?" I heard a female voice say. I nodded. I swallowed the pills without a word.





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