I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


31. Days

Luke's POV

Chrissy hung on my shoulders. She had only been with Calum for 4 hours and she's back. Chrissy pulled away from me.

"Nothing's changed." He said. "He stayed at the house for all of an hour before leaving."

"Chris, you have to give him a chance. We can't do anything off one feeling."

"It's not just one feeling, it's all of them. We talked about everything that was wrong and nothing changed. It's like he didn't ever listen."

"Ok I get it." I grabbed her shoulders and bent to her level. "But you're still married to him. Give it a few weeks, a month even. You know what give it till your 25th birthday. It's in 3 and a half weeks on the dot. If something doesn't change then, come back. Deal?"

"Ok, deal." She wiped a single tear from under her eye. "Now where's Penguey?"

I let her into the apartment. She was almost to the bedroom when I cleared my throat. She turned to me and I held out my giant penguin. She smiled widely. Chrissy walked closer to me and reached to grab Penguey when I put him behind me. She made a pouty face and I made one too.

"I know what will make you give me Penguey." She said.

"Oh really what is that" I said. She pressed her soft lips against mine. I kissed her back. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I put Penguey on the couch and pulled Chrissy closer to me by putting my arms around her small fragile waist. Our lips moved at the same time, it felt like life was easier when she was around. I pulled back and she smiled. She spun away from me and went to the bedroom.

"What are you doing Penguey and I are right her." I said.

"I know, just give me a sec." She said

Chrissy came out with another one of my flannels, a SnapBack and my tee shirt. My shirt and flannel covered most of her shorts and my snap back fit her just right. She looked adorable.

"Come here, we're going somewhere." I said. "We're walking."

We walked to the tattoo shop hand in hand.

"Luke why are we here" she asked.

"Do you want to get your lip pierced? You said you wanted to get one when we were 18 so why not now."

"Awe you remembered. Let's do it." She said.

We told the guy at the desk that she wanted her lip pierced and he led us to the back room where she laid in a chair. I sat next to her and held her hand. It was quick. She got a solid black lip ring on the opposite side of mine. She grinned from ear to ear.

"Come here." She said.

"We can't kiss today. The piercing will hurt when pressure is applied."

"I don't care." She pulled me to her and was about to kiss me.

"Wait." I pulled out my phone and put it on selfie mode. I kissed her and just as I did I took the picture.

"Okay and now smile!" We smiled at the camera.

"We should get you home so Calum can freak the hell out."

"K." We walked back to my place. Low and behold Ashton, Michael and Calum were waiting for us.

"Hey Chris, we were looking for you because Cal was panicking and heeeyyyyy you got your piercing good for you." Michael said.

"Don't scare me like that Chrissy." Calum said before leading her to his car. She flipped her hair back and looked at me. I could tell something was completely off. I don't know what.

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