Love Is Love

Rene and Gail are in love, even before their fame started to grow, but they knew that they have been in love with each other only when fame was already there. So, they had to hide it and keep it a secret or management would fire one of them, but their fans won't stop nagging. So, they started to give out clues to the fans in a secret way that management wouldn't know. Then, management noticed the clues. Asking if they want their career or their love? What will they choose? Will their love empower management? Or will they choose their career?


4. The Vacation; Part 2

~Next Day~

Rene: *waking up* Gail? *opens eyes*

*Gail is not beside Rene*

Rene: Gail? *gets out of bed and goes out of the room*

Ellen: *going to the dining area* Morning, Rene

Rene: Morning. Have you seen Gail?

Ellen: The first thing you do when you get out of bed is look for her? *laughs*

Rene: Dude, you're not helping

Lisha: If you're looking for Gail she's in her room

Rene: Really?

Lisha: Duh...where else would she be?

Rene: *goes to Gail's front door* *knocks on Gail's door*

Gail: coming! *opens door* Babe?

Rene: Good *runs back to her room*

Gail: Rene!

Rene: *turns around* Yes?

Gail: Good morning

Rene: Right. Good morning to you, too. *turns around*

Gail: Babe!

Rene: *turns around* Yes?

Gail: I love you *smiles*

Rene: *walks to Gail* *kisses Gail* *points at Gail* You got me worried. *running to her room* *shouting* I love you, too!

Rene: *enters her room and changes*


Rene: *goes to the dining area* Good morning everyone

Camille: You sneaky little guitar girl *smiling*

Rene: what'd I do? *giving an innocent look*

Camille: Don't act innocent in front of me, Rene. I saw Gail enter your room last night.

Ellen: *coughs out her food*

Rene: *to Ellen* Seriously?

Ellen: *chuckles* sorry

Rene: *to Camille* Camille, I promise you that we did not do anything

Camille: *smiling* I know that, that's why I am allowing the both of you to share bed rooms

Gail: Really? *smiles*

Camille: Really. But if you tell the management, I'll deny it.

Girls: *laughs*


Rene: Guys, why don’t we go to the supermarket and buy some chips or drinks, perhaps?

Ellen: That would be a great idea, dude! I am craving for Lays *holding her stomach*

Lisha: Yeah, me, too. Camille, can we go?

Camille: Yes, as long as you don’t leave me here alone. George is staying.

Gail: Okay, but who’s driving?

Rene: I will! *raising her right hand*


Ellen: Dude! Do you know how to drive?

Rene: A little, yeah.

Lisha: Okay, you drive then! *runs to the van* Come one, you guys!

Gail: Shotgun! *runs to the bus*

Ellen: No, I’m shotgun! *runs for the seat*

*Ellen arrives first and takes her seat*

Gail: *whines* Ellen!

Ellen: I got here first! *pouts*

Gail: Babe, look at Ellen!

Rene: Do not join me in this situation! *goes to the driver’s seat*

Ellen: *sticks out tongue like a kid*

Gail: *pouts* Fine *sits behind the driver’s seat*

Rene: Everybody ready?

Gail, Ellen and Lisha: Ready!

Rene: *starts to drive*

Girls: *started singing together*

*Gail holds Rene’s hand*

Ellen: What’s that holding hands? You’re going to kill us, Gail. Let they girl drive

Gail: *let’s go of Rene’s hand* sorry

Rene: *continues to drive*


Gail: *gets a shopping cart* let’s rock!

Rene: *sits in the shopping cart*

Ellen: *takes a photo of Gail pushing the shopping cart, while Rene rode on the cart*

Gail: Hey, what’s that for?

Ellen: *posts the picture on Instagram with the caption: @ReesesReneAF is shopping like a boss with her driver @GoobersGailAF – with @LemondropsLishaAF* you’ll see, check your phones

Gail: Rene, check your phone, you’re not the one pushing the cart

Rene: *checks her notifications: @EnglishtoffeeEllenAF tagged you in a post – with @LemondropsLishaAF* *clicks on the notification and sees the photo* *laughs*

Gail: What is it?

Rene: *shows Gail the photo*

Gail: *pouts* read it to me

Rene: English Toffee Ellen as fuck tagged you in a post with Lemon Drops Lisha as fuck and it showed a picture of us just a few moments a while ago, look *shows the picture to Gail*

Gail: *laughs* Crazy, idiot

Fans: *screams* Dream!

Lisha: Shit, should we run?

Ellen: No, we haven’t paid yet!

Rene: Let’s just face them, guys

Gail: They’re going to kill us, dudes

Rene: I think they just want selfies?

Ellen: Is that a question?

Lisha: Screw it! Let’s just face them!

Gail: Okay, head on, right?

Fan#1: Oh my god! Can I ask for a selfie, Rene?

Rene: *gets off the shopping cart* Sure *smiles to the camera*

Fan#2: Gail! Can you sign on my phone for me?

Gail: Okay, sure *signs on the fan’s phone*

Fan#3: Ellen, can we take a selfie with you kissing me?

Ellen: Of course, anything for you *puts her hand in her pocket and kisses the fan on her cheek*

*The fan turns her head and Ellen ends up kissing the fan on the lips and it was caught in the camera, last second*

Ellen: *laughs* very sneaky *smiles*

Fan#3: I love you, Ellen

Ellen: I love you, too

Fan#4: Lisha, Lisha. Can you take a selfie with me and post it in your Instagram?

Lisha: Sure *takes her own phone* *smiles to the camera and captures the moment*

Fan#4: Another one, I’ll use my phone, is that alright?

Lisha: Of course *smiles to the camera*

*there were about 20 fans and they gave what the fans wanted, until they got what they wanted, but some just kept following them around as they shopped*

*Gail was left behind, because she was looking for Pringles in a rack*

Rene: *whispers* Ellen, where’s Gail?

Ellen: she’s looking for Pringles

Gail: *got the Pringles* *makes her way to the shopping cart, but there were too many fans following the girls* Excuse me

Fan: *turned around without knowing it was Gail* *accidentally hits Gail*

Gail: *falls*

Rene: *sees Gail* Dude, she’s there *approaches Gail* *helped Gail to get back to her feet*

Fans: Ayee! Rail Smyles!

Rene: You okay?

Gail: Yeah

Fan: Gail, I am so sorry, I didn’t see you there! *starts crying*

Gail: It’s okay, it was an accident *wipes the fan’s tears*

Rene: *to the fan* are you okay?

Fan: I am so sorry *buries her face in her hands*

Rene: here, *gives a handkerchief* you’ll need it

Fan: Thank you very much *accepts the handkerchief*

Lisha: Guys, let’s continue looking for food

Rene: *goes back to sitting in the shopping cart*

Gail: *goes to the girls*

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