Love Is Love

Rene and Gail are in love, even before their fame started to grow, but they knew that they have been in love with each other only when fame was already there. So, they had to hide it and keep it a secret or management would fire one of them, but their fans won't stop nagging. So, they started to give out clues to the fans in a secret way that management wouldn't know. Then, management noticed the clues. Asking if they want their career or their love? What will they choose? Will their love empower management? Or will they choose their career?


2. The Interview

~Next Day~


“Will you shut the fuck up?” Rene says, getting up from the bed.

“Guys! Gail is missing!” Lisha shouts.

“Guys! Guys! Shut up! No one is missing. She’s here with me” Rene says, really sleepy.

“Oh, that’s why she’s not on her bed” Lisha says, running to the bathroom.

“Gail, wake up” Rene says, kissing Gail’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m awake. With everyone screaming, I can’t sleep properly” Gail says and giggles.

Rene laughs a little.

“Okay, prepare for bath. I’ll be in the bathroom after Lisha, follow after me” Rene says, picking clothes.

“But I want to join you in the bathroom” Gail whines.

“You can if you prepare now” Rene says.

“Guys! What is today?” Ellen asks.

“Wednesday, I think” Gail says.

“No, I mean like, is it boy day or girl day?” Ellen asks as she starts brushing her teeth.

“Today is boy day” Rene decides.

“Okay” Ellen says.


Interviewer: Hello, good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. I’m Linda, and I’m your host for today. Our guest for today is a great band from this generation with their album “Warrior” that hit number one in the US! Please help me welcome…Dream!

The four girls enter the room and sit on a couch :( left to right) Ellen, Lisha, Rene and Gail.

Rene: Good…afternoon?

Linda: Yes, Rene, it’s afternoon.

Fans: *laughs*

Rene: Okay, good afternoon!

Ellen: Afternoon!

Fans: Woo!

Fan#1: I love you Rene!

Rene: I love you, too!

Fans: Ahhh!!!

Linda: Okay, so we have a few questions for each of you here in my pink fluffy bag *takes pink fluffy bag*

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: Gail, you go first. *takes a piece of paper* Are you single? Why or why not?

Gail: *looks over at Rene* *smiles* Yes, I guess I can call myself single, but I am not available. I think single ladies are brave and strong enough to be alone.

Fans: Woo!

Linda: Okay, that was fast.

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: Okay, for Rene. I have a personal question for you. What is “Rail Smyles”?

Fans: Woo! Ahh!

Fan#2: I ship Rail!

Rene: Oh, *laughs a little* that is a conspiracy of me and Gail

Fans: Rail! Rail!

Rene: I think it’s because of fan fictions, right? *looks over at Gail and wiggles eyebrows*

Fans: Ahhhhh!!!

Linda: Well, is it real?

Rene: I think it is Lisha’s turn to answer

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: Okay, Lisha. *picks a paper* Have you ever used the other girls’ toothbrush? *laughs*

Fans: *laughs*

Lisha: Well, *laughs* there was this one time that I was so sleepy and I don’t know who’s toothbrush I took and I brushed my teeth with it and then Rene came in like ‘Dude, is that my toothbrush?’

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: *laughs*

Lisha: I was like ‘I don’t know, dude’ and I went out of there as quick as I could or she’d throw a fit at me. And the next day Rene went to the supermarket to buy another toothbrush *laughs*

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: That is unfortunate *laughs*

Fans: *laughs*

Rene: It was

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: Okay, Ellen. *picks a paper* who are you currently dating as we speak?

Ellen: No one, actually just broke it off with Matty Healy yesterday, actually.

Fans: aww!

Linda: That is sad. So, the next game will be happening after this short break…

Camera Man: Cut!

Linda: Does anyone have questions to any of the girls? This is a bonus behind-the-scenes with Dream

Fans: *excitedly shouts*

Fan#1: *raises hand* I have a question!

Linda: Come up here!

Rene: *stands up and takes the fan’s hand, helping her up the stage* Take my seat *sits on the arm rest on Gail’s side*

Linda: Okay, what’s your name?

Fan: I’m Jessica Tyler

Linda: I assume you know the girls

Fan: Yeah *excited*

Linda: So what is your question?

Fan: It’s quite personal, really, but is Rail Smyles real?

Rene: *looks at the ground*

Gail: *covers mic* *whispers* Rene

Rene: *covers mic* *whispers* what?

Gail: *still covering mic* *whispers* say something so they don’t suspect

Lisha: Dude

Rene: Huh?

Lisha: She just asked something

Rene: *looks at Camille (works for the management)*

Camille: *shakes head ‘no’*

Rene: …

Ellen: That is quite personal, but as their spokesperson, we do not want to answer the question

Fans: Aw!

Rene: I’ll just go backstage to get water *stands up*

Ellen: Me, too *stands up*

Lisha: Excuse us *stand up and grabs Gail*

Rene: *goes backstage, followed by the girls*


Ellen: Guys, that was close!

Rene: We should be more careful next time *grabs water bottle* *goes back to stage* sorry, just go thirsty *smiles*

Lisha: *whispers* she’s sad

Gail: *whispers* I can see that, she’s good at acting

Gail, Ellen, and Lisha: *goes back to stage*

Camera man: Get ready! 3! 2!

Linda: We are back with Dream and we will play spin the bottle!

Fans: *cheers*

Linda: So, do you know how to play spin the bottle? Or is Rene going to ask me again?

Fans: *laughs*

Rene: *laughs* is it the one you spin the bottle and you get to choose truth or dare?

Linda: Wild guess

Fans: *laughs*

Linda: But the person who chooses your question for your truth or the one who chooses your dare is the person across you

Rene: Okay, now I get it. Will you play with us?

Linda: Oh, you don’t want me to play with you?

Fans: *laughs*

Rene: *laughs* no, no. we’ll be five so you won’t have someone across you

Linda: So, we’ll pick a lucky fan!

Fan: *cheers*

Linda: I got an idea! Why don’t you throw your hat in the crowd, Rene and whoever gets it, gets to play with the girls!

Fans: *cheers*

Rene: I’d be honored! *stands up* *removes hat and throws it to the crowd*

Fans: *fights over the hat*

Rene: *chants* fight, fight

Gail, Ellen, and Lisha: *laughs*

Fan#4: I got it! *raises hat in the air*

Linda: There! The lucky fan!

Fan#4: *escorted by a staff* *goes up the stage* *starts crying*

Linda: Why are you crying? Do you like them?

Fan#4: *cries harder* I love them so much *cries harder*

Rene: Don’t worry, the feeling is mutual *hands a handkerchief*

Linda: What’s your name?

Fan: Alice *wipes tears with handkerchief*

Linda: Okay, so we’ll just squat on the floor and create a semi-circle, just a semi-circle so the fans can see, let’s assume that someone is in that empty spot, who will it be?

Rene: Me, I’ll just sit here on the couch and if it points the empty spot, it’s my turn

Linda, Ellen, Lisha, Gail and Fan: *squats*

* Linda squats across Gail*

*Ellen squats across Lisha*

*Fan squats across empty space (Rene’s spot)*

Linda: *spins the bottle*

*bottle points to Ellen*

Linda: Okay, Ellen. Truth or dare?

Ellen: Let’s add some fun…DARE!

Fans: *cheers*

Lisha: I dare you to give the sneakers you’re wearing to a fan you like

Ellen: This is going to be hard *removes sneakers*

Fans: *laughs* *cheers*

Lisha: We all know how Ellen loves her collections of sneakers, right? *laughs*

Fans: Yes! *cheers*

Ellen: *holding the pair of sneakers in the air* I will give this pair of sneakers to…you! *pointing at a fan with a banner that said “I love you more than food <3”* If you love us more than food, then I love you more than my pair of sneakers! *gives it to a staff who will deliver to the fan* take care of it for me, I trust you with it! *squats* *spins the bottle*

*the bottle points at the empty space*

Ellen: *cheers* Rene!

Rene: Be kind to me, Alice

Alice: Truth or dare?

Rene: Dare, I think. Yeah *smiles*

Alice: Kiss Ellen, Lisha, Gail, Linda and me

Rene: I think you just wanted me to kiss you *jokes*

Fans: *laughs*

Rene: Okay, I’ll do it, is it on the cheek?

Fans: *cheers* Lips! Lips!

Rene: Okay, then *bends over and kisses Ellen on the lips* *bends over and kisses Lisha lips* *bends over and kisses Linda lips* *bends over and kisses Alice on the lips*

Fan#5: you forgot to kiss Gail!

Rene: Oh, almost forgot

Fans: *cheers* RAIL! RAIL!

Rene: *kneels and kisses Gail on the lips* *stands up and goes back to the couch*

Linda: Rene, you have to spin the bottle

Alice: Oh my goodness *fanning herself*

Rene: *walks over to Alice* is everything okay?

Alice: I totally ship Rail! *starts crying*

Rene: Stop crying *grabs handkerchief and wipes Alice’s face*

Gail: *getting jealous* the chemistry, guys.

Fans: *laughs*

Rene: *spins the bottle*

*the bottle points at Gail*

Rene: *sits down on the couch*

Gail: Okay, let’s get this over with. Dare.

Linda: I dare you to surf the crowd

Fans: *laughs* *cheers*

Gail: Okay, here I go *free falls into the crowd* *gets carried to the side*

*guy staff catches Gail and carried her bridal style*

Rene: *gets jealous* drop her!

Fans: *laughs*

Gail: *pouts* you’re mean

~After the Interview~

*backstage* (only Lily, Ellen, Lisha, Gail, Rene and Linda was inside the dressing room)

Linda: So, Rail Smyles is real?

Rene: Yeah, but we can’t let the fans know, because it’ll cause chaos and damage to the Dream image

Linda: *nods* Yeah, I understand. Camille once told me that you can’t come out just yet.

Gail: Yup *sips from her cola*

Linda: Well, it was really nice knowing about it, guys. Your secret’s safe with me. *smiles*

Rene: Thanks, Linds! *hugs Linda*

*Linda exits the room*

Rene: I am so tired; can I snooze for a while?

Lily: Of course, I’ll just be outside. They said they had food.

Ellen and Lisha: Really? *exits the room with Lily*

Gail: Typical

Rene: You know them *lies on the couch, her back against the couch*

Gail: *Lies on top of Rene* tired?

Rene: Yeah *closes eyes* *wraps arms around Gail* and jealous

Gail: Why?

Rene: Because someone else carried you

Gail: So? It doesn’t mean anything

Rene: I know that, just shut up and sleep with me

Gail: Are you telling me to shut up?!

Rene: *smiles* sorry, babe. Just sleep, please?

Gail: Fine *closes eyes* don’t worry, you were not the only one jealous. I was jealous, too

Rene: You were? Why?

Gail: It doesn’t matter, anymore

Rene: *opens eyes* It does to me

Gail: *opens eyes* It was a while ago, you and Alice

Rene: Babe, she’s a fan.

Gail: *whines* but still *pouts*

Rene: *gives Gail a peck* I’m yours

Gail: Yeah, and I’m pretty territorial

Rene: *sleeps*

Gail: *sleeps*


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