Love Is Love

Rene and Gail are in love, even before their fame started to grow, but they knew that they have been in love with each other only when fame was already there. So, they had to hide it and keep it a secret or management would fire one of them, but their fans won't stop nagging. So, they started to give out clues to the fans in a secret way that management wouldn't know. Then, management noticed the clues. Asking if they want their career or their love? What will they choose? Will their love empower management? Or will they choose their career?


1. Prologue

“Good night, Los Angeles!” Rene shouts to the crowd as they exit the stage.

“That was a lot of fun!” Elisha, their other member, exclaims jumping up and down.

“Yeah, there was a girl outside who had a banner and it said ’Rail’, it’s so cool” Rene says, looking at Gail.

“Rail? What does that mean?” Lily, their hair dresser, asks.

“It’s Rene and Gail’s name together, they ship them together” Ellen, their other member, says.

“But you two are already to--” Lily was cut off by Rene covering her mouth.

“Shh! Management is telling us to hide it” Rene whispers to Lily.

Rene removes her hand from Lily’s mouth.

“Well, that piece of shit--” Rene cover Lily’s mouth again.

“Shh! You react like it’s your problem” Rene says and then laughs.

Rene removes her hand from Lily’s mouth again.

“We have to keep it a secret or they’ll fire either one of us” Gail says.


>Rene Styles<

- Harry Styles' younger sister

- A vocalist from the band called Dream

- A gender neutral (dresses boyish and girly depending on her mood, involves being bisexual)

- In a relationship with Gail Smith, but they are hiding it or their management will fire either one of them

- Guitarist of Dream


>Gail Smith<

- A vocalist from the band called Dream

- A bisexual

- In a relationship with Rene Styles

- Bass Player of Dream



>Ellen Marco<

- A vocalist in the band called Dream

- Drummer of Dream


>Lisha Mendler<

-a vocalist in the band called Dream

- loves dying her hair

- Pianist of Dream

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