The One and Only: One Direction Book 1

Alice mom had just died and now she's going to live with her cousin Louise. (Louie) but when she falls in love with one of the band members will things get complicated or no

I use the the name Louie Louise and Lou. Bad words


8. Chapter 8: The panic attack


I woke up the next morning by my alarm. I saw Harry fast asleep like a kitten.

I was in his room. Dark blue walls. Posters of people I had no clue who they were and a white carpet. His bed matched his walls.

I smiled and silently crawled out of bed. I quickly ran to my room and got dressed in to a blue tank top my black skinny jeans my purple sweatshirt and my black vans.

I went downstairs and grabbed a pop tart when Liam and Lou walked in.

Lou's hair was still all messy. Which meant I must've woke him and Liam.

"Are you sure your ok?" Liam asked pouring a cup of coffee

I nodded "I didn't mean to wake you guys up. Did I wake you again?"

Lou nodded "But it's ok. I have to drive you. Are you sure you want to go?"

I swallowed "Ya. I'll join a sport or something."

I heard a laugh come from downstairs "You? A sport?"

I looked to see Harry come around the corner.

I smiled "Morning"

"Harry gets a good morning but your own cousin doesn't get a good morning!"

I smile and hugged Lou "Morning Lou and Liam"

Lou ran his fingers threw his hair to comb it "Let's go. We're running late"

I grabbed my bag. I kissed Harry on the cheek and said good bye to Liam and walked out the door.

*later in fourth period*

Someone threw a wad of paper on my desk.

I looked around to see a Brown haired boy smiling at me. I looked to see if the teacher was watching. She was blabbing about something with Shakespeare in it.

I opened it. I kept reading it over in over

"Why did you try to get Zach to have sex with you?" I read in my head


I went to pick Alice up. The teacher had kept yelling at her and she had an anxiety attack. All because she was reading a note.

"She was right" I murmured to myself "It is hell"

I pulled into the parking lot and got out. Girls whispered and giggled as I walk by.

I saw her in the office. Curled up in the chair. Shaking a little.

"Alice" I said putting my hand on her shoulder causing her to jump "It's ok. I'm here"

I picked her up and got her on her feet. She just stared at the floor as she stumbled to walk.

I heard snickers in the hallways as the students passed by.

I put my hand around her waist and helped her walk.

"Lou thinks you should be home schooled" I whispered

She didn't say anything just looked at the floor and walked

*later at home*

She walked into the house and went right upstairs.

"Is she ok?" Liam asked

I shrugged "She hasn't said a word."

Lou walked down "I tried talking to her. She isn't talking"

"I tried to but it's like she's deaf. Like I'm talking to a wall"

"It's her anxiety." Lou sighed "She has it so bad. That's why I tried not to be loud around her. She can slip into a attack"

I looked up the stairs "You think we can handle homeschooling?"

"We can always hire a tutor" Lou sighed

Just then I heard Zayn's phone ring and him answer. He mumbled something and ran into the living room smiling

"What?" Liam asked

"We can go home for a couple days!"

I looked at Lou and smiled "Cheer up lad! We can go home!"

"Ya, but what about Alice?"

I frowned "Can't you take her with you?"

He shook his head "Mum and Dad isn't to fond of her or her...."

"Mom?" I heard a voice come from the stairs

"Ya" Lou said shifting on his feet and whispered "Mom"

Alice sighed "It's fine. I'll be fine. Go ahead go."

Lou looked up at her and gave her a look like Ya-No-Noway-in-hell

"Or Aunty will have to deal with me" She smirked

"I'm not leaving you alone all by yourself. I know how you get when your home alone."

She sighed "True. But ya Nevermind"

"What?" I asked

"I was going to say I have friends but no real ones. The "friends" that I have are only acting so they can get into your guys' pants" she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist from the side

Niall cleared his throat and laughed

"What?" She asked

Niall shook his head and flashed a smile at Harry

"Niall no" He said

"It was just idea" Niall shrugged

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked

Harry looked at me "Niall thought I could take you with me. Now before you interrupt I would love for you to meet my family but they would think we're dating"

"You do act like it" Lou coughed

"Shut up" She blushed


I could feel my face getting hotter by the second.

"Well, Lou decide in what your going to do." I sighed looking at Harry and then back to Lou "I'll be by the lake"

I opened the door and walked out. I let it slam behind me.

I thought of my mom. How she used to wake me up by shaking me and how she used to tuck me in with a kiss.

I laughed and grabbed the necklace that I always ware.

"What's so funny?" I heard Harry say behind me

I turned still holding onto my necklace "Nothing. Just think about my mom"

Harry smiled "Aren't they wonderful?"

I smiled as he put his arms around me resting his elbows on my shoulders "My was" I whispered

"Do you miss her?" He asked quietly

I shook my head. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes "Everyday, Every minute every second"

"Don't cry" he said lifting up his arms and turning me around wiping a tear off his sleeve "She isn't gone"

I looked at him confused wiping a tear

"She's always in here" He said point ing to my heart "And she always watching you"

I smiled still crying "Harry?"

"Ya" he said quietly sitting down by the edge of the lake

"What's it like?" I whispered as I sat down next to him

"What is what like?"

"Being famous? Being the boy everyone wants? The days that you can't even leave the house without being watched by poperateze or fans?"

He sighed "It's like everyone's dream. Isn't it? To become someone. To transform from a nobody to a someone. To have the spotlight shine on them. Just for a second."

I listened as I played with a strand of his hair

"I was so thrilled to find out that we actually have fans. But after that I don't know. I do have 4 more brothers that I still love to death. But things can get..... Out of hand." He turned to me "Why you ask?"

I shrugged "I was never the spotlight. I was always in the shadows. In Lou's. He was always the perfect child. I guess. I still am, but the only time I get attention is when people realize that I'm related to him. The it man"

He just sat there for a moment string into my eyes "You got my attention" he whispered

I smiled I could feel my face getting hotter "Thanks" I whispered

"Hey Alice!" A voice called called

Harry looked up from my gaze to see where the voice is coming from

A head popped out from the driveway. It was Zach.

Harry stood up an fixed his gaze on him

"Harry" I said grabbing his hand "Don't"

I looked at Zach who was snickering at me.

He had too of his friends with him. Two skinny brown headed boys. I recognize one of them from fourth period

"To bad I don't have a dog" I whispered

Harry looked at me

"A attack dog" I whispered as I walked up to Zach and his friends "What do you want?"

"Nothing" Zach sneered "Just a kiss"

"Ok look" I said quiet enough so Harry couldn't hear "You have 4 minutes to get off my property or else"

"Or else what?" The guy from class sneered

"I have five boys on guard, cameras all around me because of poperateze and don't forget about the cops" I sneered back

"I'm not leaving until I get a kiss" Zach said

"Get away from my house"

He grabbed my thigh.


Harry came up behind me and shoved him off "I do believe the kind lady said to get off her property"

Zach backed up a few inches "No"

Harry pulled out his cell phone and hit the numbers 9-1-1 "You have five seconds. 1,2,3"

Zach and his friends ran

I smiled

"Now about that guard dog" Harry snickered

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