The One and Only: One Direction Book 1

Alice mom had just died and now she's going to live with her cousin Louise. (Louie) but when she falls in love with one of the band members will things get complicated or no

I use the the name Louie Louise and Lou. Bad words


5. Chapter 5: The truth!!!


They all started to laugh

I smiled and walked into the living room with my plate.

"Thanks" Harry said grabbing my plate

"Ugh! Your lucky"

"Aw is Tommo Jr mad?" Harry said smiling

I went to grab the plate but Harry put it above his head before I could grab it

"Harry" I complained

"Here" Zayn said handing me another plate

"Thanks" I said taking the plate and sticking my tongue out at Harry

After eating and playing some football (Soccer) we sat down and watched a movies called Big Eyes. Never heard of it so I was interested.

I sat down and laid my head on Harry's shoulder. "I'm going to miss this."

"What? Missing staying home and just hanging out with us?" Liam smiled sitting down in a chair

I nodded yawning a little.

"You can still hang out with us on weekends." Harry said locking his fingers with mine

I had a tingle go threw my body. Like it's when the whole world stops just for this one person, out of millions of people. There's times when it feels like I known Harry for all my life. Like I could just let everything poor out. Everything that ever happened to me. Like I can trust him and only him.

"Hello? Earth to Alice!" Lou said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Wait, Alice always where's her bracelets. Where are they?" Niall said

I pushed down her jacket sleeves "Oh, Om they broke."

Harry looked at me as if to say "Are you ok." And I nodded.

I could fell the tears stinging in my eyes "Don't cry. Don't cry. There just battle scars" I thought

I felt Harry hand tighten on mine.

"I'll be right back" I said running upstairs


She ran upstairs. I already knew why. It's a tough topic for her.

Zayn grabbed the remote and paused the movie "Guys. When Harry and Alice was messing around during breakfast" he fell silent

My jaw tightened up

"Ya. Spit it out" Niall said eagerly

"I saw like dashes. Like cuts or scars" He said looking down

"Are you say she's lying. That she's lying about something" Lou asked

Zayn was silent for a minute. And then nodded

Everyone's eyes flew to me.

"What?" I asked

"She tells you everything" Lou said

"Why you say that"

Lou rolled his eyes "I know she told you why she thinks she's fat. She always tells me because. She didn't even tell her parents"

I sighed "Ok. Fine, I know. But if she wants to tell you she can. It's a tough topic for her. And I don't want to hurt her."

"Ok. I'm going to go see what's she doing" Zayn said getting up from the floor "Don't come."


I was sitting on my bed, crying into my hands when I heard a on the door.

I didn't say anything

"It's Zayn. I'm coming in" He said walking in

"Zayn." I whispered wiping a tear


"Harry told you?" I sighed

"No. He said that he knew but he didn't want to tell. Can you tell me?" He asked sitting next to me

"I rather tell everyone when I'm ready. I'm sorry" I said wiping smeared makeup of my face

He nodded "Ready to go back down?"

I nodded and started walking downstairs

Harry got up from the couch and walked over to me "Just battle scars" he whispered

I smiled and hugged him.

"You ok?" Lou asked getting up from the floor

I nodded and sighed

Liam hugged me

"Guys, what's up. Why so lovey?" I asked hugging Liam back

Liam looked and Zayn and Zayn looked at Lou.

Lou looked at Harry "We...know"

"I know. I heard Zayn and Harry talking." I nodded "I don't want to talk about it"

"Ready to watch the movie?" Zayn asked

I laughed "I'm ready"

Zayn smiled and pressed play


The movie ended and I looked over to see Alice dozing off on my shoulder.

I smiled and picked her up bride style. "I'm going to lay her down"

The guys all nodded

"Ok. After how about we practice a little after?" Liam asked

"Fine by me" I said walking up the stairs

Has I walked down the hallway to her room she opened her eyes "You don't have to carry me" She said in a groggy voice

"Well were going to practice for a little and we didn't want to wake you. I thought you were sleeping"

"Do I have to go to school Tuesday?" She asked

I nodded "Why?"

"Think, I'm Alice Tomlinson. They will know that I am related to Lou"

I laid her down "what's wrong with that?"

"Fangirls, girls that just like me because I'm related to him. Then there's girls that just act to like me because they want to get in your pants" She sighed and rolled over on her side her back facing me

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