The One and Only: One Direction Book 1

Alice mom had just died and now she's going to live with her cousin Louise. (Louie) but when she falls in love with one of the band members will things get complicated or no

I use the the name Louie Louise and Lou. Bad words


4. Chapter 4: The clerk


Harry was asleep. His arms still around me. I smiled and kissed his cheek. Then I slipped out of his grasp. He rolled over and pulled the covers up more.

"Oh The One and Only Harry Styles" I thought

I went downstairs and looked for something in the fridge.

"Nothing" I sighed

"Lou told you that we didn't have anything" I heard someone say

I looked up from the fridge to see Harry leaning on the wall.

He still had his bed head. His hair was all over the place and in his face.

I laughed and walked over

"What?" He asked

I just smiled and moved pieces of hair out of his eyes.


That was the first time I noticed them. The slashes on her arms. Her bracelets covered them. But when she went to move my hair back they slipped and I caught a glimpse.

I decided not to bring it up "Want to go to the store with me?"

"Ya. Sure. Let me get dress and you leave a note." She said walking up the stairs

I wrote a note and changed into my blue jeans a t-shirt with my boots. I combed my hair threw and walked out my bedroom. Going downstairs I saw Alice in jeans and her blue tank top.

"Ready" I asked

She nodded and grabbed a two prices of paper and handed one to me "I split the list up."

"Cool." I said grabbing my keys


*later at the store*

I went down the cereal isle. I was looking for some Apple Jacks but they were at of reach.

I was jumping trying to grab them when a store clerk came over. "Need some help?"

I looked over to see a tall blond hair blue eye boy "Oh ya that would be great"

He reached and grabbed a box "I haven't seen you around. Are you new here?"

"Ya" I said stretching out the word

"Maybe I can show you around. Maybe take you to dinner." He said stepping a little closer

"No. I have Harry for that" I said stepping back



"Like Harry Styles"

"No, The other Harry Styles" I said grabbing the box out of his hand

"Oh what is he like your boyfriend?"


"Then why won't you let me take you to dinner?"


He grabbed my arm as I tried to walk away "Because why?"

"Let me go" I said trying to pull out of his grip

"You don't think I would let beautiful girl like you get away?" He smiled

"Louise Tomlinson is my cousin you know" I calmed myself when I realized what to do next "Well, actually I guess it wouldn't be that bad. What's your name"

His gripped loosen "Nick Cater"

"Well that's always good to know." I smiled and pulled out of his grip. My bracelets ripping in the process "I can complain now"

He looked at my arms "You self harm? I can't date someone who self harms" He looked at me in disgust

That's when I heard a voice speak up "I think she's perfect just the way she is!"

He looked up some and I smiled knowing who it was "I-I didn't mean anything but it's just"

"You have a problem with her? Because last time I saw, you wanted to 'show her around' I knew what you meant by that by the way." He stepped in front of me "You wanted to get in her pants you pig. Don't forget I now know your name"

Harry bent down and grabbed my broken bracelets off the ground

"Harry" I tried

"Come on let's go home" He smiled

"You don't care?" I ask starting to walk

"Like I said your perfect just the way you are" He said grabbing my arm and starting to rub the scars

I quickly pulled away and pulled down my hoodie sleeve

*in the car*

I kept replaying what Harry had said. How I'm perfect to him. How the Nick looked at me in disgust when he saw my arms. I'm not perfect! I'm Not!

"Everything ok?" Harry asked breaking the silence

I didn't answer

"Want to talk about it?"

I was silent for a moment then I said "I started cutting when I was in 7th grade."

"I don't understand? Why?" Harry said glancing over at me

I started rubbing the cuts "It was around the time people started to bully me. I was falling into a depression. I didn't tell anyone. My mom and dad was fighting a lot. They ended up getting divorced a while later."

I let a tear slip out and Harry grabbed my hand "You don't have to to tell me. If you don't want to."

"Everything got worse in 8th grade. I kept moving schools. In 9th and well now. I got better but my whole world just crashed when I found out about my mom."

Harry pulled into the driveway. He turned off the car and looked at me "Your perfect. Those are just battle wounds"

I looked into his grassy green eyes and then started to cry again. He pulled my into his chest where I cried for a good 10 minutes

We got out and Niall must of heard the car doors because her ran out and grabbed about 20 of the bags.

"That's works" I laughed looking at my arm

"Just battle wounds" Harry whispered as grabbed the last of the bags.

I smiled and pulled back down my sleeve so Lou and the others wouldn't see. I walked in the house to the smell of eggs cooking

I rolled my eyes and smiled "Don't eat everything at once!"

Lou came up behind me "Hey I called the school. They said you can start next Tuesday"

"Great I'm going back to hell on earth"

"I don't remember it being that bad" Zayn said walking down the stairs

"Exactly you don't remember it being that bad."

"Ok on a scale 1-10 how bad is it" Liam said walking into the kitchen


"Ok you just exaggerating" Lou said punching my arm

"No when I say it's hell on earth I mean it's hell on fucking Earth" I said laughing

Everyone looked at me in silence except for Lou

"What?" I asked grabbing some eggs

"Lou pal" Zayn said "Your going to let her cruse?"

Lou shrugged "Why not?"

"Fuck,fuck,fuck I duck" I sung

"Screw a kangaroo!" Harry yelled from the living room

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