The One and Only: One Direction Book 1

Alice mom had just died and now she's going to live with her cousin Louise. (Louie) but when she falls in love with one of the band members will things get complicated or no

I use the the name Louie Louise and Lou. Bad words


3. Chapter 3: I'm fat?


It crushed my a little. I mean ya we just meant but I think I like her.

I picked her up like a bride and walked over to the water.

"Harry! No! Harry!" she yelled clinging onto my neck

"Say please" I smiled evilly

"Harry please!" She laughed

I threw her into the water and started to laugh

She popped pack up "I'm going to kill you! But first, give me a hug"

She stretched her arms out and started to chase me.

"You'll never get me alive!" I said running away

That didn't lasted very long. She chased me onto the dock.

"Now where are you going to go?" She asked coming closer.

She ran but I jumped sideways before she could get me so she landed in the water


I jumped in and swam behind her so I could grab her.


I felt his arms rap around my waist so my quit thinking I turned around to face him

I laughed as all his hair was pushed to the front of his face.

He smiled as I gently pushed it aside.

He pushed me closer. I could fell Lou's eyes staring at us. I didn't care tho.

I think this is what I have been waiting for. A cute, funny, crazy guy, but can be caring like Harry. I've waited and dated douchbag after well douchbag. The ones my mom didn't approve of but I didn't listen.

*2 hours later*

We were walking back up to the house when Niall said "I'm hungry"

"Well were going have to order something because we don't have food" Zayn said

"Pizza!" Niall said running ahead

"Pizza it is" Lou said

"Ya pizza" I said unhappily

"What you don't like pizza?" Liam asked

"I do, but I like to watch what I eat"

"Why?" Harry asked


"She thinks she's fat. But I don't see why?" Lou butted in

"Fat?" Harry looked at me "I think we can but a twig next to you and you'll be skinnier that that"

I looked down. I'm not skinny.

After that I started to walk faster.

Harry caught up to me "Your perfect just the way you are. Why do you think your fat?"

I just kept looking down and walking

"People at school?"

"I'll tell you later" I mumbled and walked into the house.

I showered and the boys showered.

"What pizza do you guys want?" Niall asked

"Cheese" I said quickly it was the healthiest kind

"Ok cheese" Niall said dialing the phone number in

I ate half my pizza and then went upstairs.

Harry got up and followed.

I walked in my room and grabbed a brush.

"Are you going to tell me now?" He said crossing his arms

I put down the brush and walked over to close the door.

"Sit" I said climbing onto my giant bed

"Ok" He said plopping next to me

"When I was 14, these kids in my class they said that I was fat. They said that I should try working out more and that I should lay off the chocolate. After that I tried to eat and excursus more" I tear slipped out of my eye and I tried to wipe it before Harry saw

But he must've saw it because he pulled me into a hug.

I cried myself to sleep in Harry's arms

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