The One and Only: One Direction Book 1

Alice mom had just died and now she's going to live with her cousin Louise. (Louie) but when she falls in love with one of the band members will things get complicated or no

I use the the name Louie Louise and Lou. Bad words


2. Chapter 2: Swimming


I was screaming at the YV with the lads. Waiting for Lou to come back with his cousin or whatever.

"Come on!" I screamed

"No the other way idiot!" Niall yelled

"Whatever" Zayn said as he flipped threw pages of a book

"Boys!" Lou yelled

We all looked in his direction

"Mind not being so loud" I girl said from behind

She had long brown hair. The same color of Lou's. And green eyes. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a black tank top with Vanz.

"Oh, hello their!" I said loudly

Lou smacked his face with the palm of his face "Idiots all idiots" he whispered

I walked up to her "Hello. I'm Harry"

"I know. This idiot behind me wouldn't shut up about you guys."

"Hey! I'm not an idiot" Lou screamed from in the kitchen

"No. Correction he's a moron" She laughed silently

"Don't forget you love with this moron and these idiots now."

"This cabin is huge" she whispered

"Ya. I was quite surprised as well, when we pulled up" I said

"Hey Lou! I'm going to unpack" She turned to me "Wanna show me my room"

"Sure" I grabbed her hand and started to walk up the stairs

"Harry my feet don't go this fast" She laughed

"Sorry. Anyways. This is Liam's room. Lou's and Niall's mine Zayn's and yours." I said pointing with my free hand

"Thanks" She smiled and pulled her hand up. Are hands were still linked together

I quickly pulled my hand away. I could fell my face get hot


Harry's face turned red.

I smiled and went on my tippy toes kissed his cheek "Not so bad. Not as bad"

Harry turned even redder

"Aw" I heard and Irish accent say

I turned to see Niall on the stairs smiling.

"Shut up" Harry smiled before chasing after him

I shook my head "Boys"

I grabbed my bag and headed into my room. I grabbed the door knob and when I opened it I saw a huge room. Dark purple walls with a white carpet. A Matching bed set and my own bathroom.

"Wow" I whispered

I sat my bag on my bed opened my phone and put on some Black Veil Brides. My gobo rite song New Years Day and on repeat.

About half way threw I started to sig to it as I unpacked. For about the 70th time as it needed I looked over to see Harry in the doorway.

"Your a good singer" He smiled

"No I'm not" I laughed

"Let try again. Your a really amazing awesome fabulous singer"

"Ok. I'm a awful no good bad singer" I smiled

"Ok we both have opinions" Harry smiled

"What do you want Styles?" I said throwing a shirt at him

It landed over his head and he strayed to laugh "I came to wonder if you want to come and take a dip in the lake with us" He said taking my shirt off his face "And I didn't know we we're at second names"

I sighed "I don't know. Are you going to throw me in?"

He put his hand up "I won't"

"Fine. I'll come. Now get out I need to get change" I said turning him around. But he put his full weight on my hands "Harry. I have to get changed"

He smiled "No"

"No?" I said pushing harder

"Nope" He said popping the 'p'

"I'm going to kill you in 3"

"I'm not five"

"2" I said louder

He ran out of the room

"That's what I thought" I said closing the door.

Once I changed into my 2 piece bathing suits I walked down the stairs to see Harry looking out the backdoor windows.

"Where is everyone?" I asked slowing my pace

"Oh" Harry jumped and them stared at me

I cleared my throat

"Oh" Harry's face got red "I waited behind"

"Oh. Then in that case, shall we" I smiled sticking out my hand

He smiled back but grabbed my waist instead.

As we walked down to the lake we talked about the tour there doing next summer and how the boys were so excited

"Don't you ever miss your parents" I asked

"Oh ya. It's always you have to go go go. I love what I do don't get me wrong but I wish we can relax and not be famous for a day." Harry sighed

"Really? I mean I understand but it sounds amazing. To travel all over the world. The only place I've traveled was Hawaii were I lived and here. I would love to travel"

"Ya it's quite fun. But we have to sneak in and out of the hotel and concerts. We can't go somewhere without getting notice and asking for autographs."

Lou walked walked up to us hands on his hips. "Harry."


"Your arm"

He looked at my waist. I totally forgotten about how Lou is super over protective of me.

"Lou, we were just talking. It's fine"

He stood there as if thinking "Fine. But I swear if god if you even think abou-"

"Louise!" I said in a motherly voice "He's fine. We're just friends" I lied

I like Harry. Like, like like

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