My Heart

Journal of Innoce.


1. May 2, 2015

Will it ever be good enough? Will it ever be perfect?

will it ever be something that I could be proud of? 

I wonder...

If all the other authors can honestly look at a piece of work and say it's perfect but I don't think so. 

For me it will never be. Not anymore. For writers the best person with the imagination wins, or at least that's what I used to think. It's not really competition anymore. 

Most writers are introverts, once I discovered this ... well it was kind of disappointing I felt that there was nothing special about me, there was nothing special that I could share with others- when I started writing I had no intention of even sharing it with others-I didn't really concern myself with other people, I was more interested in reading books(as a child and even now)... about fictional people... that are based off real human beings, everything that is made is based off something else  I soon realized, nothing can beat this world- not that I ever would want to beat it. Only God can truly create something from nothing

- What I'm saying might seem random to some of you... but... yeah. 

God is the ultimate artist.

As a young  girl I was always fascinated with cartoons and videogames, ranging from the graphics to the characters and the emotions! - as a result of this my first word was Barnie. Not that I don't love my Mom or Dad... it's just that everyone has issues and I watched tv a lot so that was that. 

Nothing you can do about it. Que sera, sera. 

I've always admired how authors could just create a world all on their own with just words... the same for games and cartoons. I was fascinated with creation in general. 

Creation is beautiful. Yeah.

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