Why Is It So Hard To Hate You (AU)


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 "Katniss hurry your ass out of the bathroom!" shouts my mother. She hates it when anyone spends more than an hour in the bathroom. I don't really care; because I hate her. The only one in my whole life that I care about now is my sister, Prim. I hop out of the shower and put on my robe and quickly head to my room. Last time this happened, I tried to be ignorant and stay in, but she a piece from by bead, and beat me just about unconscious with it. I'm sure she didn't mean it; she was drunk. But, it's best not to take my chances. I live in Milwaukie, Oregon. I used to live in Columbus, Ohio, but I moved because my mom lost her job. In my life, I have only allowed myself to have two friends: Gale Hawthorne and Madge Undersee. I was too afraid to have anymore, because I didn't want them to die and me be all sad and in depression like my mom and take up drinking. She even got remarried to Haymitch Abernahy, a rich alcoholic. Now, after all of this, we had to move and leave all of our friends. I am so glad that this wasn't hard on Prim. She had no friends. Every time Prim went to a school, she would get kicked out because mom would always do or say something stupid. For example, when Prim was 7 (3 months after my father died) she was drunk, and a teacher had called her on the phone. Well, she thought she had said something offensive, so she punched the teacher AND busted the windows out of her car. So they kicked her out. Prim has not been at a school for longer than ½ a year and she doesn't even have to make friends. Me? I walk to school and I give the teachers fake number, or just plain not be bad in school. It's not that Prim is bad; it's just that she's too good, and the teachers are calling home to congratulate her or something. "Katniss, it's almost time to go to school," Prim says in a sing-song voice. "Okay!" I shout putting on my boots. They are new, combat boots, that I really don't like, but hey, they're comfy. My stepfather bought them for me, but I don't completely trust that he won't leave my mom, and the things will just get worse for us. The day that my father died still plays in my head.... "Okay girls, let's take the fun way!" my father had said and both of us were happy. The fun way passed the bakery where we could look at cakes. We didn't get that far. A red corvette had driven into us and that's all that happened. My father's live was over instantly. "Katniss? Are you okay?" my sister's soft voice says to me, now in my doorway with a bagel. "Yeah, did you make me one to?" I ask her, changing the subject. She laughs. "Yeah, this one is yours." I grab my book bag and head out of the door. "Primrose, today you can ride the bus with your sister," my mom's drunken voice says. "What?" I say. She never makes my sister take the bus, she always drives her to school, and I refuse for today to be an exception. "I said Prim can take the bus with you!" she says more loudly because I guess she thinks I could not hear her. "No, today is no different, you will be driving her to school," I almost shout back, just to make sure she can hear me. She comes to me with the same bed part she did last time. "Who do you think you are talking to?" she asks me, raising it. I shudder, but I make it unnoticeable. "You! You will be taking Prim to school and that's the end of it!" I shout and she takes a swing. I close my eyes and brace for the impact, but it never comes. "Stop mom! You need to stop drinking all your problems away and face reality! You are not about to hit my sister on the first day of school! And if this is a problem, then I can walk to school! Okay!" she shouts. My mom responds by swinging at her, but I take the hit for her and it hits me in the arm, with full impact, so I fall on the ground. "Prim, run!" I shout and she does. I trip her and she falls over, knocked out. I run upstairs and grab the first bag I see and stuff clothes in it. I go to Prim's room and do the same. I run down the stairs and hope that she is still knocked out. She is. I check for money in her pockets and take all of it. We are not coming back here tonight. "Are you okay Katniss?" Prim asks when I get outside. She is waiting on the steps for me. "Yeah, what time is it?" I ask. She pulls out her Android. "7:40," she replies. We missed the bus. "Okay, come on little duck, let's go. We are going to ride our bikes," I say, putting in the code for the garage. We get on our bikes; mine green and hers pink, and we ride away. "Where are we going to go? We can't come back here," Prim says nervous. "I don't know," I admit. The only thing on my mind is that I know I am forced to do one thing that I have avoided all my life: make friends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey fans (even though there isn't many of you)! Thanks for reading my new story! Hope you like it and continue to read it! Comments are always welcome (please)!
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